Dog Grooming

Madly in love with the pet owner at some point, think about the haircut. It does not matter what sex the dog and it does not matter Location: dog grooming – a service which is common in St. Petersburg and other cities. But far not all are from the age of the dog. Stress the animals endure is very hard, they just look pitiful in that state.

And it was the haircut can contribute to it. Of course, we should not immediately abandon the idea. Elementary respect for the two simple rules – is what you need: cutting his dog up to a year, trust is a specialist. The fact that an adult dog accepts his new look differently than his master, if the first time it shorn after year. The animal could easily interpret the transformation as a way of punishment, as a demonstration of his master's negative attitude … And then the stress is inevitable.

Stress manifests itself in sluggish pupil, the refusal is, in health problems. Following the second rule, you can expect a satisfactory result, because it ensures zoosalon. The specialist knows best what will your pet, how to hide the flaws. Suffer from changes in appearance dog in any case should not, because you will need to provide regular care. Your task – that it used to it. Grooming dogs is not any pet would be accepted 'with enthusiasm'. And this is another proof that tackle the problem should only be a specialist. Do not be lazy to go with her just in the salon. In the house the dog should feel comfortable, in fact that's why it exists – is a veritable fortress, where to be safe. Groomer, through the caring hands of whom was not a little pet, choose the right approach and to yours. No experience, no grasp on their own to cut the dog because She sees you as a close friend as a family. If you suddenly wound with scissors or clippers, the offense will be just a sea. Of course, we will not exclude such a situation where a dog for more than 2 years and haircut for her – this is something new. And anyway, I want to give your dog a noble kind. It may be advisable to contact the vet and learn how to avoid stress or minimize it. Want to make your dog stand out from the gray mass? Mowing it can provide!

Tattoo Cleansing

What do you think the reason why many members are afraid of a strong half of mankind brightest of the fairer sex? The thing is, that charming woman who cares for his appearance, not will give a waiver. Often, just a very nice representative of the fairer sex are often successful in the set goals. The charm is their weapon, which contributes to their positioning in the world dominated by men. Create a "woman's weapon 'not perfect, if not amazing woman watches her appearance, beautician and never in my life not caring for her skin. The modern woman is constantly making at least some number of cosmetic procedures required. Cleansing the body so it is possible to hide a number of clothes the person is unlikely. Therefore, the facial skin is required to display health and do not display your age. This can be achieved with the use of clean faces.

Use many types of cleansing the face, among them the most in-depth cleaning is a mechanical entity. During the procedure, cosmetologist doing a special blade, squeezing fat from the skin jams, polluting the dermis. Produced a deep pore cleansing. As a result, the skin is cleansed from acne, blackheads from pesky and acnes. In addition to the mechanical cleaning of the face, ultrasound is very effective. The patient's skin discarded mikrostrui ultrasound to clean out the dirt from the pores of the skin. At the time of the procedure, the skin not only cleared but also saturated with oxygen.

Rehabilitation And Treatment At A Clinic In Germany

Rehabilitation – is a complex medical, psychological, pedagogical, professional and legal measures for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and mental capabilities as a result of transferred (rehabilitation) or congenital (Habilitation) diseases and injuries as a result. In other words, a good rehabilitation – this is the correct and comprehensive care for a sick or recovering person. Today, it is No one wants to argue that Germany has the world's highest level of rehabilitation medicine. Rehabilitation in Germany is an integral part of patient care. German doctors are well aware that from competent organization of the rehabilitation period depends largely on the result of any operation.

Rehabilitation and treatment in Germany is carried out on-the-art technical level. Special rehabilitation clinics in Germany have in their arsenal unique therapeutic techniques, which, in conjunction with traditional programs, spa treatments, allow us to quickly achieve excellent results recovery. Rehabilitation programs in Germany are always prepared for the patient individually, with a rational alternation of phases of exercise and rest, and conducted under the close supervision of qualified specialists. Service center medical support 'ALMEDIS Plus' offers rehabilitation programs for patients in Germany due to the fact that rehabilitation in German hospitals is directed only to a speedy recovery. The staff of our medical center to fit each customer with great care and attention each our patient is assigned only to individual treatment, nutrition, screening and rehabilitation. Typically, after a covered Treatment requires a certain recovery period, which allows the patient to return to the usual course of business.

On how you spend it, often determines the quality of your future life. For focused rehabilitation in German hospitals are specially designed set of activities. These programs are necessarily matched by a qualified physiotherapist in consultation with the your doctor. There are a number of rehabilitation programs, depending on the diagnosis and treatment. These programs are adjusted individually depending on the medical evidence and complex. This approach allows us to avoid possible injury caused by improper use of simulators. The computer system checks the correctness of the exercises, as well as their number and automatically regulates the complex according to your exercise program. Thus, a major goal of rehabilitation is to return to Germany the patient to his usual life. Are treated in German hospitals have the people, sometimes with the same disease, different clinical picture. This requires the alignment of individual therapeutic tactics in line with the nature of the disorder in the patient. Staff offices in rehabilitation clinics Germany consists of consulting physicians of various forms of disease and highly nurses. German medical personnel in clinics perform tasks on a full round the clock care. All designated physiotherapy activities are conducted in the building of the clinic or, if necessary, in the very chamber. Rehabilitation in Germany has the highest reputation, and won recognition in many European countries through their methods and professionalism of doctors. Treatment in Germany is becoming more affordable for many citizens. So do not rely on fate, when it comes to their own health. Staff Service Centre medical support 'ALMEDIS Plus' by Germany's leading hospitals are ready to help anyone who needs it.

Health Recipes Meatless Dishes

Fasting, or as some prefer to say, non-meat-eating, interested in so many today. Lenten meal does not have to be tasteless or monotonous. Just imagine how many great dishes can be prepared from cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and milk and eggs! Properly cooked vegetarian meals from fresh ingredients with the addition of natural spices are the basis of a balanced diet. Immature soybean seeds and sprouts. Even in ancient times human soybeans used not only as food but also as a medicine. Soy sprouts are particularly rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and P. Vitamin salad of them can be used as effective against avitaminosis all year round. For these purposes can also be used and fresh seed.

Dishes with these products for traditional oriental cuisine, but now the Europeans are very many dishes seasoned young bean sprouts or use them as a salad garnish or a vitamin. But besides this, from soy sprouts can be cooked soups and various sauces. Tehgologiya sprout available to everyone. Soybeans Soak for a day in water at room temperature (not above 25 degrees) for swelling. Then pour into a cheesecloth (you can use a linen or cotton cloth) and put on the bottom of the pan and put in a warm place, gauze daily wet with water, and rinse the beans, 2 times a day. After 3-4 days of soy beans sprout. Germs to 5 cm are ready for use. They should be rinsed, squeeze out the water and continue to act in accordance with the recipe.

Youthful Skin

The first thing facing any woman, even one that does not keep a household, it is hand washing. There is no special tricks, but many beauticians strongly recommend the use of expensive natural soap, which contains natural ingredients. It has beneficial effects on skin and does not desiccate it in contrast to the low-cost chemistry. Wipe your hands should be very careful, otherwise the skin may become hardened and stiff. Also, not so much in cosmetic purposes, as for hygiene purposes, we must remember that it is best to wipe your hands on your own towel and not use general or, even worse, a stranger. This will at least protect themselves from various skin and fungal diseases.

Several times a day to lubricate your hands nourishing cosmetic creams. Modern facilities for the care of your hands well and quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy and retain smoothness of the skin. Many contain silicone, which also protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. Above all, remember that different chemicals that are in the laundry, cleaning, etc. negative effect on the skin. Therefore, prior to such events should be lubricated with a special protective hand cream, which forms an invisible film on the skin – protection and protects from exposure to chemicals and contamination.

But at the same time, always use protective creams are also not recommended, because of how their hands are too delicate and sensitive. Thus, after finishing some work it is desirable to wash your hands with soap and water and apply a nourishing cream usual. And best of all, to accustom themselves to carry out “dirty” work at a special rubber gloves. Initially, of course, is not very convenient, but eventually you get used to, and it is no longer delivers great discomfort. And then, these gloves – a much more reliable protection than the various creams, even the most expensive and effective. However, work in these gloves for over 40 minutes is not recommended, because his hands start to sweat, so it is best to take a break for a couple of minutes, then continue.

Gifts for Close Friends

To give expensive gifts – gold and silver – the privilege of close friends. These are the gifts, over which time, powerless, that best express the feelings of the giver, they become the embodiment of things and over the years become family heirlooms. It should be remembered also that the jewelry of silver perform not only the function of ornaments. They still serve as talismans and amulets. It is believed that the most powerful magical effect have donated to or inherited jewelry. That's why silver and other precious metals have always been one of the most coveted gifts, especially for the wedding. Although both male ego flatter account favorite in the form of silver PistoletSabli, or a dagger.

But silver gives a woman confidence in her beauty and the knowledge that love her. The expensive gifts lies the magic. So if you want to be loved, give ring, preferably on the ring finger. In ancient Egypt believed that on the ring finger of his left hand straight to the heart stretches 'artery of love'. Want stronger tie to their loved one, give the chains and bracelets. Their magic circle will retain the atmosphere of your love.

On the role of the gift, which must always be in sight, great earrings. It's women are wearing jewelry and home, and on holidays and on weekdays. If you want to show their originality – give a brooch. This is a rare decoration will make a woman elegant and extraordinary. Men's tie will always be more impressive if it decorate a pin, clip or hairpin. If you dream that your gift was not only an ornament, but it had practical value, then the successful discovery can become a beautiful vase, sugar bowl made of silver, silver cups. A great family gift – a silver plate. Revived the tradition, and silverware once again becomes a symbol of comfort and cleanliness, the inviolability of family ties, the continuity of generations. Still children presented with a spoon, the newlyweds a wedding gift would be fine silver goblets, families with the experience – the whole dinner services of precious silver.

New Year’s Eve

New Year's – a bright family holiday. Many celebrate it with family, giving his close attention, gifts and warm the soul. What could be better than New Year's Eve next to your loved ones? Celebrate New Year everyone used differently. A favorite among the venues of the New Year, of course, remains home, but if every year to celebrate the New Year in one place, then it becomes a little too traditional. But there are many interesting places where you can to have a good time.

For example, the New Year in Moscow – a cottage villages, bases, and rest homes, as well as ski resorts. In Moscow a huge number of holiday homes and boarding houses, where the fresh air away from the urban hustle and bustle to enjoy a holiday like never before. Ordering a New Year's trip to Moscow, you will be able to fully enjoy the holiday – a walk among the snow-covered trees, play billiards in the big hall, see the New Year fireworks, holding a sparkler, and even visit the swimming pool and gym. New Year's Eve in the suburban hotel "Glade" – is a restaurant, dining, bowling, bar, children's art room, an American pool, billiards room, tennis room, a cozy bar, snack bar, room for manicures, pedicures, doctor, hairdresser, library, cinema hall, pharmacy, conference hall. Rent a cottage in the suburbs on New Year's Eve not only convenient, but also profitable. You will have a two-story palace with fireplace, sauna, tv and soft furnishings.

New Year in the Pine forest – a cottage with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, cozy living room, sauna and pool. Here you can book a cottage on the New Year for 6-8 people. In the yard of the cottage barbeque gazebo. In the pine forest, you can ride horses and snowmobiles, to find passion in the soul and, most importantly, a place you will left to themselves, and maybe even find new friends, after all, who will be next to come in there with one purpose – to celebrate the New Year in Moscow. New Year's Eve in the ski resorts of Moscow region – it is an opportunity plenty of skiing and tobogganing, fun time at restaurants and drive in a circle around a live decorated Christmas tree. Each holiday home near Moscow on New Year's offers good programs to suit everyone. For children many interesting things: the traditional Christmas tree with gifts, entertaining show with characters from fairy tales and socializing with peers. Adult – New Year banquets, concerts and discos. New Year in Sochi – a set of comfortable hotels on the beach. New Year's holidays and Christmas in Sochi will be an unforgettable adventure, because where else can you go skiing and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of the south. Everyone wants to give close this Christmas tale. Make it simple – remove the cottage or to order a New Year's tour to Moscow region, or choose a New Year's holiday on the beach in Sochi hotels.

Ice Arena At

The cost of modern ice rinks can be tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. In the refrigeration unit used to create the ice arena or ice rink used the same principle as a conventional air conditioner or refrigerator. However, the main difference is that the refrigerant () refrigeration system is not in direct contact with water (ice) is no effect on the water / ice directly. Instead, up to sub-zero temperatures cooled a special solution (this may be a solution calcium chloride, propylene glycol, or 32-40% solution dvumolekulyarnogo alcohol – ethylene glycol), which, passing under pressure through a complex system of tubes (the mat – the base rink) allows you to create and maintain the ice in the arena. The system of mats, basic skating rink may be made of steel or plastic tubes. For seasonal rink mat system is usually installed on a sand-based or similar ground-based. In most stationary roller system of pipes (mats rink) is installed on a concrete or sand-based (see below).

The basis of the rink – Ice Arena At some professional arenas to create the most transparent ice is used prepared by de- water, but plain tap water is also well suited for this purpose. For ice rinks open, you can use a river of fresh water, pre-cleaned of sand or other mechanical impurities. The system of the ice arena consists of 4 main elements: – One or more refrigeration (chiller) – The system of pipes to connect the mats to the ice arena refrigeration unit.

History Of Wushu Master Wang Patio

Patio Master Wang was born in 1919 in the county of Hebei province Vutsin most of his life from early childhood, lived in the city of Beijing. Wushu professional instructor he became 18 years old. In 1964, Wang became the youngest masters in Beijing Wushu. He managed to smuggle through the years, his outstanding skill of martial arts for self-defense to the present day. He won fame and popularity not only among the followers of Taijiquan, but also recognize and respect many masters of other schools of Chinese martial arts, who had witnessed the effectiveness of its excellence. When Wang was young, he spent 10 years under very difficult and a variety of training before he managed to develop a solid foundation necessary to become a true master. at age 8 he began learning from their neighbors working in the circus, do all kinds of exercises on the strength of flexibility to the legs and waist, and was able to successfully perform flips 36 times in a row on the tabletop.

at age 12 he began studying the "Eight Trigrams Palm" in 13 years – "elastic leg" of competent teachers. Then, at age 14 he began studying martial arts at a well-known master Jan Utina that was a pupil of Van . Starting from 15-17 years received personal instruction from Master John Utina. Over the three age he had to rise at three o'clock in the morning running the woods, near the current location of the square and Tananmyn train yourself to continue to 2 hours. Then he came to train as an assistant coach and starting from 6 o'clock in the morning helped up to 10 hours to train various groups in the art of wushu. and such a heavy load training and exercises every day did not last as many as 3 years.

After the founding of the prc, was invited as a teacher of martial arts in a variety of institutions and educational institutions. then he went from Beijing to 1980. After 18 years absence, he was again greeted by young and old generations of fans of Taijiquan, as winners of the third Wushu competitions with a broad sword for the elderly in Beijing. His speech was very highest ratings. Then Wang continued teaching martial arts at several institutions including the National Library in Beijing, ccp, languages in Beijing Wushu Sviblovo

Required Wood

About the walls and roof. Long thought, what does cost itself, the house itself. Brick, of course, is good. Thinking how much is will cost us the strong foundation which can withstand the weight of the brick walls, and most importantly – the cost of the required brick, fell into depression. But not for long! Exit found in other materials – the good old wood.

Can be from a bar (more expensive, but nice and smooth inside and out), you can log out (cheaper and requires finishing). On the other hand: warm, budget, eco-friendly (we have the same kids, do not forget). Yes, wood has its drawbacks. First, it can burn. Secondly, all sorts of bugs, worms, waiting- built our house, so immediately there to settle there and begin to multiply and eat it the same.

But, as it turned out, things are not so scary. It turns out that the wood can be impregnated with a special solution, which in the case and will protect against fire, and from the water, and bugs make our wood inedible. Having defined the material started construction. About the process. Made the foundation of inexpensive, if needed, will be able to withstand and second floor in the future (after all, two children – is not the limit, right?). Quickly grew from the walls of treated wood, and found that it looks so cool that it is unlikely we will finish. About feelings. I really liked the warm light wood walls, as if the sun does not leave our house or in the winter or summer. Shudder to imagine Now in their place, gray brick masonry, which will not leave without finishing. And if a child in his sleep leaning against the wall next to the crib? Warm wooden surface, even covered with interior decoration, much preferable to the cold indifference of brick. In our house a special atmosphere in which to enjoy coming back from work tired husband, fun and healthy children from walking in a hurry friends and relatives of the solar fragrant hospitality. Moreover, that the budget material at home has allowed us to not limit yourself to its size. In conclusion I would say we are satisfied with the resulting home. The husband believes that we quickly decided on Drugs housing. I really like our house, he was warm, bright and lively. It is always nice to come in any weather. Children can easily hang their drawings on the walls, playing on the floor, lean against the wall – and I do not fear that they will freeze and cold. Still – this is a great happiness when there is a favorite home built with the personal participation.