Gifts for Close Friends

To give expensive gifts – gold and silver – the privilege of close friends. These are the gifts, over which time, powerless, that best express the feelings of the giver, they become the embodiment of things and over the years become family heirlooms. It should be remembered also that the jewelry of silver perform not only the function of ornaments. They still serve as talismans and amulets. It is believed that the most powerful magical effect have donated to or inherited jewelry. That's why silver and other precious metals have always been one of the most coveted gifts, especially for the wedding. Although both male ego flatter account favorite in the form of silver PistoletSabli, or a dagger.

But silver gives a woman confidence in her beauty and the knowledge that love her. The expensive gifts lies the magic. So if you want to be loved, give ring, preferably on the ring finger. In ancient Egypt believed that on the ring finger of his left hand straight to the heart stretches 'artery of love'. Want stronger tie to their loved one, give the chains and bracelets. Their magic circle will retain the atmosphere of your love.

On the role of the gift, which must always be in sight, great earrings. It's women are wearing jewelry and home, and on holidays and on weekdays. If you want to show their originality – give a brooch. This is a rare decoration will make a woman elegant and extraordinary. Men's tie will always be more impressive if it decorate a pin, clip or hairpin. If you dream that your gift was not only an ornament, but it had practical value, then the successful discovery can become a beautiful vase, sugar bowl made of silver, silver cups. A great family gift – a silver plate. Revived the tradition, and silverware once again becomes a symbol of comfort and cleanliness, the inviolability of family ties, the continuity of generations. Still children presented with a spoon, the newlyweds a wedding gift would be fine silver goblets, families with the experience – the whole dinner services of precious silver.