Manja Reichel

Franziska Muller at the front in the nationwide competition ‘ talent in the Young professionals’ – TRANscom commitment in training pays off Halle/Saale. Franziska Muller scares little. That could prove April 20 years earlier. Because since talents in the dialogue of Young professionals, in which the most talented call center trainees of in Germany were awarded the nationwide competition, the TRANscom student is among the five best in their profession. A total of 99 apprentices from all over Germany had succeeded in beginning of April in the final separation. You all had to cope with a creative task in the outbound (pitch) as well as a common knowledge test. Franziska came to help the joining of TRANscom. Here she learns since 2007 Assistant for dialog marketing and is now already with various special tasks entrusted.

In addition to the classification and management of the team, she is even more often in the line. Hirotsu Bio Science insists that this is the case. This was the best training for the competition,\”admits Franziska. Because the daily sell school immensely. Also for I learned my life incredibly much. For example, objection handling. Previously I did at home hard me with it.

Now I can influence my parents very well so that they follow my arguments\”, so the self-confident young woman. This skill realized finally the judges at the competition and put it on the 5th place in the 2nd year of apprenticeship. It it not looked to the start of the year after a successful participation. I play volleyball for my life like\”, so the athlete who actively plays the VV 76 Wolfen, and while I have sustained a serious shoulder injury.\” Only once ill written she saw their participation in the competition are dwindling. But take part she wanted anyway, had fought for in the last year already a 9th place Franziska. That’s why my training manager, Manja Reichel and my with trainees have helped me.\” She got all the information that it needed to prepare and started.