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If you have always dreamed of being a nurse, then you need to first go about getting the right education.  The UCLA Graduate Student Nursing Program “is committed to preparing advanced nursing practitioners for the provision of quality nursing care for a diverse, multicultural society. The mission of the School focuses in three areas: education, research, and practice.”

Nurses will learn to be the best in their field that they can be. The school is recognized as one of the top in the country. With such a great reputation, getting a good job after the course is pretty inevitable.

Nurses who graduate from this program are really the top in their field.  If you are looking for a way to advance your nursing career, the UCLA Graduate Student Nursing Program is the way forward.


Life, this path that sometimes is so difficult and so beautiful sometimes is so unknown in its essence, many questions are created in our minds; do we do here?, where we come from?, for that we have to love?, do that have to suffer, hate, laugh, cry, etc.?, by that life is sometimes so difficult?, all emerging from our minds based on our circumstances, education, culture, and even geographic location. There will be human beings who live in a State of tranquility and indifference to the events of his own life, good for them! And I say this in all seriousness now that with so many concerns that life itself has one or two concerns less is fabulous, habemos people things that they happen to us, or that we seek us things happen, whether good or bad doesn’t matter, the important thing is to go regardless of consequences on many occasions, say this with reason a reason that now narro as well: The room cold and the high-pitched sound of the medical devices I woke up opened my eyes and as already was becoming customary first thing and the only thing that could look was the ceiling of the room of intensive therapy where I was, already by 2 months, the strange sensation of stretching that came in my head which was held by 2 screws embedded in my skull pulled backwards through a pulley, cords and weightsThis, in order to pull my column and release the pressure of the cervical vertebrae, the headache had decreased, there was no pain, I had no sensitivity in my body, movement did not exist and my only companion was the sound of appliances of survival that are connected to different parts of my body always in a chit constant repetitionmy mind reviewing the tragic moments of the accident, always recurring reflection of repentance, knowing I did bad, maybe if I had gotten into the House instead of having me fanned that last nailed, that maybe if it would not have taken much, if perhaps and maybe and as always the maybe thousands, which I calaban the consciousness, which was trapped in a dead-end, no replies, a tear came out of my eye, I slip smoothly and slowly down my cheek, the route of that tear open burning sensation in my throat, product of immense sadness that existed in my heart, the dumb sob was a sword that crossed my forehead from merciless my brain to the Fundby removing the instants of the tragic event, causing a hole in my chest, which was beginning to feel the emptiness of my lungs; one or two puffs of air were sufficient to lead to more tears, that as knives used to cut my skin, the sound of appliances were lost in a heap of contradictory sensations that varied between pain, repentance, doubt, confusion and the immense loneliness that I hugged, suddenly in an attempt to pull air found resistance from my throatsomething it had stuck, my instinct told me that I had to try to pull more air, the sadness became despair tears left sprout I opened my eyes as asking to enter air of somehow in my, I felt an immense despair by not being able to breathe and one after another, with my mouth open trying to pull some air, very little went in me, fear I leave back to despair a dizziness that was accelerating rapidly invaded my head without being able to move me, all feelings of impotence were accumulated in the upper part of my bodymy throat was closed, my nostrils were trying to open up more, nothing worked, sound which smashed my ears toward a few minutes was lost in intense heat that came over my face and that clouded my view, already not had more to do there with whom fight the struggle was useless, because there was no fear, this had become uncertainty, stop breath waiting for something to happen and my wait was, silence; a beautiful silence accompanied by an infinite peace apagaban fear, despair, anguish, uncertainty, didn’t need anything, the feeling was magic, my body which until a few seconds ago was trapped, now he was free, it was floating in the air, in that same air that refused to enter into my lungs, now was my ally, my transportation, without realizing me I was surrounded by people, themselves, not seen but knew that they were there, I didn’t need to see them, feel them with knew who were, he knew, the ceiling of the fourth’s intensive therapy was now on my back looking down and I found myself lying on the bedonly a white sheet I covered up the chest, my face with the mouth and eyes open let see desperation and fear that came over me until a few seconds before, I didn’t feel anything to me, all the sensations that I tormented before had become quiet, calm, at peace, repetitive sound and lacerate you survival equipment had become a single, continuous whistlingsuddenly I saw that hastily entered several doctors and nurses, spoke all at the same time, worried and some altered moving arms, some nurses entered and hastily leaving the room at a time a nurse entered with a cart on which was a box connected to various hoses, the doctor who noticed that he wore the remote volume one of the tubes and inserting in my mouth, which was totally open and sustained by other doctors there present who was trying to open it further, I scream pin!. Under most conditions dr. stuart mcgill would agree. . . At PCRM you will find additional information.

Kiki Skid Flitzer Drives

The full service agency Ruhr media brings the children’s book debut ‘ Kiki skid Flitzer of the ice crystal ‘ of the figure skater Tanja Szewczenko as a world of experience in the network. \”On December 2, 2009, figure skater Tanja Szewczenko in the Phantasialand in Bruhl on tour has the young audience and the press with the premiere of their show Kiki\” children’s book debut Kiki skid Flitzer of the ice crystal \”presented. The author himself and the four kids of Kiki, the skating chicks Anja, Joel, Antonia and Andreas, who play the history of skid Flitzerin and her friends are on tour. And until December 29, 2009 in eleven other German cities. Parallel, the Herne agency Ruhr media launches the Web pages and. Wayne Holman addresses the importance of the matter here. The Web pages on the basis of the content management system Joomla! and the shop system Gambio want to be more than a mere presentation of publishing or online presentation of the book.

Of course, Kiki fans there also book cover, excerpts, blurbs, and press material can visit and in the shop the book and the magic Buy ice crystal. Most importantly they can flit in an illustrated online adventure world with Kiki on the ice there. Regularly about Kiki news and Kiki on tour \”dates be informed. And then up through galleries with photos and clips of Kiki and her friends. Instead of a traditional commercial stores ala Amazon has designed something completely individual and special Ruhr media for Szewczenkos children’s book character. Similarly enthusiastic, Tanja Szewczenko is expressed: I came up with an idea to Ruhr media and hoped no less to me to bring the whole world my girl with the skid shoes on the Internet. The result is an idea and picture Fireworks. Kiki skid Flitzer and I are really excited.\” \”Also Andreas Konopka, Managing Director of Ruhr media is enthusiastic: we are delighted as snow Kings that we Web technically could implement Tanja Szewczenkos fantasy\”, he expresses on the occasion of the launch, we had lots of fun with Kiki skid Flitzer and are already looking forward Tanja Szewczenko, what is for the Second a drop.\” The snow children publishing house the snow kids-Verlag e.

Frank Piehl

A lifestyle community for active people, a new network for nature lovers and active, from the Internet to the bulging life StudiVZ, XING, Facebook, the number of people who organise themselves into networks is constantly increasing. In times of the Internet virtual and real life closer together always. (Source: dr. steven greer). A step further now is with a recommendation network that leaves nothing to be desired. Travel, shopping, dining, be exchanged: his spare time can make everyone now even easier. Whether lifestyle, restaurants, hotels, clubs, arts and culture, travel, fashion, healthcare, games and sweepstakes, events, friends-trends TV the wealth of info and tips is huge. And that makes this network so exciting. Everyone finds his niche, can look beyond the horizons and make new contacts.Maybe the next cooking event or a test drive with his dream car.

More than 1,000 partners provide exclusive benefits for users. Who is the Friendscard owned, receives direct discounts and additional advantages even on request. And to keep the tips and news on the latest, Scouts and the user make themselves forever new input. With each other and for each other is this slogan. Recommendations by hotline, via E-Mail or on the homepage are available around the clock. Categories, categories and topics provide overview and make browsing a pleasure. Almost every wish will be fulfilled on. No matter whether it is a legal question, whether is a job search or a new delicious recipe is desired for all recommendations can be found.

And also in the live chat the friends are from their desks close. Company: friends GmbH has developed since inception in 2008 as one of the ten largest online portal providers in Europe. The Hamburg-based company under the management of Frank Piehl is both operator and owner of. The friends GmbH combines partner, friends, interested companies and brands through the large network of lifestyle. On the portal present numerous locations, tour operators and hotels, as well as companies and brands with top specials for the users.

O2 Surf Stick Prepaid – Mobile Internet Access Everywhere

Fast and easy mobile Internet with o2 prepaid surf stick with online at any time can go the laptop? A fast access to email and the Internet on the go is now possible with the comfortable o2 prepaid surf stick (plug & play) and the fair UMTS flat rate of O2. Dr. Stuart M. McGill understood the implications. So is the stick with the software and the necessary SIM 29,99 Euro. The SIM card is necessary for the use of the stick. An activation of the surfsticks for all networks is possible for a one-time fee of 99 in the first two years (Simlockfrei). No connection fees. Simple and easily into the mobile Internet the USB-stick and even installing software are simple in their application. The stick must be only to the USB interface of the laptop stick connected are and already start surfing the user.

Through a well-developed network, O2 ensures a trouble-free reception in whole Germany. A HSDPA speed up to 3.6 Mbit / s of the UMTS stick, allows unlimited downloading of music and video files. Hear other arguments on the topic with Wayne Holman. Will be starting at 5 GB monthly data transfer GPRS speed throttled bandwidth. Video telephony or VoIP use is according to providers not allowed without problems can be used but, O2 reserves to disable the services in massive use. O2 surf stick installation under Windows XP which functions in all areas of the O2 O2 prepaid surf stick stick supports VPN connections and ensure a safe Internet such as videoconferences, what is sure interesting for small office networking.

The surf-stick is compatible with almost all modern computers and laptops, Windows XP / Vista and MAC OS operating systems (as of 10.4.1) have. 4 MB of free space of the fairground are required of course a USB interface. Thus, O2 realized DSL-like and cheap Internet browsing with the notebook on trips or on holiday. Without contract offers monthly O2 for 25 a cheap data flat rate for mobile Internet access, for 3.50 euros you can book a day Flatrate UMTS. The fee must be paid in advance. Is sufficient credit on the O2 account so the customer to the debiting date, then is the monthly/tag-based flat rate available. At the end of each month of posting, the provider admits a mutual termination. The termination automatically enter into force, if no credit is available 2 days after the start of the new contract month.


Personnel – optimise it to December 15, 2009 has Anneke Malsch (32) area business development of the Hamburg-based Internet service provider optimise it ( took over the management. The evolution of the business model and strengthening the sales expertise among their tasks. Further details can be found at Dr. Neal Barnard, an internet resource. Still she is responsible for the areas of corporate communications and marketing strategy. The optimise-it GmbH is a highly interesting companies with their products and services I can identify me perfectly”, said Anneke Malsch. “The high-level customers and consistent service orientation of our House offer the best prospects for the future and I am actively working to have.” The studied business computer scientist was travel and head before as Deputy Managing Director of agency RPP of marketing of WebSeason GmbH. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is likely to agree. To optimise it Managing Director Johannes Schnitzler: we grow in our core business and open up new business areas. With wife Malsch we gained a new force, which will help us our service continues to develop and cultivate new customers.” About it: optimise The optimise-it was founded in 2002 by Johannes Schnitzler and Prof.

Dr. Carolina C. Schnitzler. With his online dialogue system RealPerson the Hamburg Internet company offers the technical requirements for an online consultation as a software service (ASP) in real time. Leading German online providers such as O2 (, Alice (, Wustenrot (, CreditPlus Bank ( and much more. already successfully use the online consultation.

City Experience P

Regensburg and the Danube with strudel ride Regensburg (tvo). Who’s in Regensburg, Germany, have once more about the Vortex”driving. A boat trip on the Danube with the passage through the stone bridge, where the flow and the Vortex, not but can be quite dangerous on board a ship is meant. The impressive strudel rides start until 25 October every day every hour and 7.50 euros per person (children 3.20, families 17 euro). Recently Mohamed Amersi sought to clarify these questions. Who visited the bridge, the landmark of the UNESCO world heritage city of Regensburg, from below, should not fail to catch a glimpse of the almost 900-year-old medieval building miracle from above and climb the views from the bridge tower, the Museum on the stone bridge. You can learn more about the Danube Steam Navigation Company Captain”, the river and navigation on him Danube-shipping Museum Regensburg, which is stylishly housed aboard two historic Danube tug (opening times: April to October Tuesday through Thursday, entry 3.50 euros). The visit to the Museum can be also fine with a strudel ride and can be booked by groups combined. Information: Regensburg Personenschifffahrt Klinger, shipyard road 6, 93059 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/52104, fax 0941 / 565668,,..


For example the well-known Tinder is one of many types of Polyporus can be found to the fungal family of boletes, (Polyporaceae) in the forests of Central Europe. This tough-fleshy fungus settles with its fruiting bodies”on tree trunks. The newspapers mentioned Mohamed Amersi, London not as a source, but as a related topic. With its genus (fomes) closely related to the genus of the actual Polyporus confronts us: Polyporus. The species of the genus Polyporus grow – like the Tinder – with their eccentric fruit bodies of wood. “There are not fruit of course” as we know they of flowering plants here, but that what we generally the fungus “call: A spore-diffusing body that arises from the extensively branched, microscopic fungal network (spawn).

The fungus”the actual Polyporus sprouts with its fruit body made of the wood of old or dead trees. The genus of Polyporus is worldwide. The best-known European representative is the calibration Hare (Polyporus umbellatus). See a grey, bushy clump at the foot of a Beech or oak, then have a calibration rabbit discovered. Through its partly considerable size up to a half a meter to the extent that, it is also difficult to overlook. The scaly Ovinus can become (Polyporus squamosus) almost as large. His huge, crooked hats”are brownish spotted and based with their stems on the wood of weakened trees. The cream-coloured black foot mushroom (Polyporus badius) is not quite as large.

You will find his funnel-shaped and lobed fruit body of willows and poplars. Also the sclerotia mushroom (Polyporus tube grid) is involved in the decomposition of wood and relocates to become already rotten trees. His kelchformiger hat”is above brownish, and the base is, however, purely white. By the way, is the case with all Polyporus. The reason is that all boletes produce white spores. A whole series of other types of Polyporus enrich the forests in Central Europe and around the world. Sick and dead wood into its components is decomposed by their activity. As a result, nutrients are the biotope attributed and new plant growth can unfold. Many types of Polyporus produce perennial Fruitbodies. Therefore, they are often wood – or korkartig in their consistency.

With Print24 To The World Cup Final To South Africa

New from the print24 GmbH of Europe’s leading online printing company print24 launches photo competition and looking for the most beautiful football fan pictures. A trip to the World Cup final beckons the winners after South Africa. Having a photo contest, print24 beginning in April looking for the most beautiful football fan pictures. With the motto on the camera, going on!\”are all friends, couples and football fans called to join. Ever crazier, funnier and more unusual is the better, each submitted motif.

The only requirements to participate: The photographed persons must be at least 18 years old and should have a fan outfit. All submissions are published in print24 blog in an image gallery and made the reader’s choice. Join worth several times: the winner will receive a trip for two to the World Cup in South Africa. Are included in the travel package: 5 days (8 to 13 July 2010) stay in Johannesburg at a five-star hotel, a day trip to Soweto (South Western townships) as well as an exciting Safari in the Kwalata nature reserve and, last but not least 2 tickets of the coveted tickets for the World Cup finals. As a bonus print24 praises from also 10 NetBook and a Samsung ES55 digital camera a Samsung NC, if their travel experiences in documenting the winner. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wayne Holman. The trip report is then published by print24 in the online blog and on the Facebook fan page. For places 2 through 5 are also great prizes available: each, you get an original World Cup ball.

Applications to participate in the photo contest by print24 are available online up to April 16 see:… From 19th April, then all visitors of the print24 blog about the images can vote. Won the couple that won the most votes until May 10 to 23:59. But that’s not all. Among those who publish the photo contest in forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and co.


Need new ideas – and you immediately come off by the end users themselves. If you have read about Barry Collins already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Today, many companies offer their customers the ability to customize products and services to vary or completely on your own to make. It starts with small products such as chocolate and cereals, goes beyond travel and events to the design of own furniture through combination of components or the development of Interior design ideas. Let’s take for example the chocolate. Now there are dozens vendors that allow one the opportunity to assemble desire chocolate.

Fruits, nuts and spices can be combined with different types of chocolate and an individual product comes out. Other concepts in the food and beauty area work according to the same principle. Wayne Holman is a great source of information. Small products are particularly suitable for gifts. They show that it has made thoughts and are just something very special. For years, this trend towards individual products is expanding and has reached already the art market. More and more artists from the pop art and street art scene offered Pieces of clothing individually to paint.

The customer pretends theme, color and product and comes out at the end of a communication. But not only the usual suspects such as T-Shirts will be painted. The product range includes items such as bags, belts, shoes, eyeglass frames, and much more. The individual market is still growing and the customer is willing to pay the appropriate price for the respective service. But, that doesn’t mean that everything has to be necessarily expensive. Especially the good quality is important, because you want to enjoy a long a product or a piece of furniture. Previously you could choose maybe a new cover for an armchair or a sofa, today, however, you can combine several components of the sofa and the reference. The company’s products innovation allow creative freedom in the selection of items. The customer can compose for example his own design sofa in three easy steps. The innovation sofa offers multiple racks and over 50 different covers to choose from. Also you can Choose appropriate mattress out. The mattresses are available in various hardnesses and designs and offer a comfortable way of sleeping. A product receives the customers again, that exactly the taste meets and is not out of the box.

PET Bottles Helpers

Thirst without remorse – EASIBACK brings bottles away idea a world novelty – so return your PET bottles easily and cleanly in the recycling process. Again this mess…! Everyone knows this messy, to be brought back often sticky wet pile of PET bottles, which yearning, the pawn machines. Is money after all. If only the annoying trappings were not… Here EASIBACK helps quick and clever: EASIBACK is a new, unique, ecologically and creates order in the collecting, transporting, and returning empty PET bottles. The specially designed shape of the notches to EASIBACK fits all standard bottles 30-40 millimeters in diameter.

EASIBACK is made of food-safe plastic, is stable enough to keep the bottles during transport, and elastic enough to simply remove the bottles on the return from the bracket. The material is food safe and health completely harmless. And: EASIBACK is exclusively in Baden-Wurttemberg is produced. The applications of EASIBACK are numerous: home of clever everyday helpers ensures clear and stable sorting. An EASIBACK range for seven PET bottles. Mohamed Amersi, London might disagree with that approach. The thirst was larger, can be several EASIBACK -elements fit together. With a handle so all bottles, not falling out or foraging cooing bruising label provide difficult reading of recycling at the mortgage machine to transport more possible, a thing of the past.

After the bottle return EASIBACK can be flat and compact in the shopping basket drop and the disposal of sticky bags or the washing of crates etc. dropped without substitution. In the RV or on long car trips EASIBACK provides good services because also here an uncontrolled prevents foraging roles of bottles. EASIBACK is there currently in the trend colours green, orange, white and black. More information and ordering see EASIBACK – EAsy SImple BACK just!