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Rehabilitation And Treatment At A Clinic In Germany

Rehabilitation – is a complex medical, psychological, pedagogical, professional and legal measures for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and mental capabilities as a result of transferred (rehabilitation) or congenital (Habilitation) diseases and injuries as a result. In other words, a good rehabilitation – this is the correct and comprehensive care for a sick or …

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Health Recipes Meatless Dishes

Fasting, or as some prefer to say, non-meat-eating, interested in so many today. Lenten meal does not have to be tasteless or monotonous. Just imagine how many great dishes can be prepared from cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and milk and eggs! Properly cooked vegetarian meals from fresh ingredients with the addition of natural spices …

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Youthful Skin

The first thing facing any woman, even one that does not keep a household, it is hand washing. There is no special tricks, but many beauticians strongly recommend the use of expensive natural soap, which contains natural ingredients. It has beneficial effects on skin and does not desiccate it in contrast to the low-cost chemistry. …

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