Youthful Skin

The first thing facing any woman, even one that does not keep a household, it is hand washing. There is no special tricks, but many beauticians strongly recommend the use of expensive natural soap, which contains natural ingredients. It has beneficial effects on skin and does not desiccate it in contrast to the low-cost chemistry. Wipe your hands should be very careful, otherwise the skin may become hardened and stiff. Also, not so much in cosmetic purposes, as for hygiene purposes, we must remember that it is best to wipe your hands on your own towel and not use general or, even worse, a stranger. This will at least protect themselves from various skin and fungal diseases.

Several times a day to lubricate your hands nourishing cosmetic creams. Modern facilities for the care of your hands well and quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy and retain smoothness of the skin. Many contain silicone, which also protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. Above all, remember that different chemicals that are in the laundry, cleaning, etc. negative effect on the skin. Therefore, prior to such events should be lubricated with a special protective hand cream, which forms an invisible film on the skin – protection and protects from exposure to chemicals and contamination.

But at the same time, always use protective creams are also not recommended, because of how their hands are too delicate and sensitive. Thus, after finishing some work it is desirable to wash your hands with soap and water and apply a nourishing cream usual. And best of all, to accustom themselves to carry out “dirty” work at a special rubber gloves. Initially, of course, is not very convenient, but eventually you get used to, and it is no longer delivers great discomfort. And then, these gloves – a much more reliable protection than the various creams, even the most expensive and effective. However, work in these gloves for over 40 minutes is not recommended, because his hands start to sweat, so it is best to take a break for a couple of minutes, then continue.