June 2011 archive

Ice Arena At

The cost of modern ice rinks can be tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. In the refrigeration unit used to create the ice arena or ice rink used the same principle as a conventional air conditioner or refrigerator. However, the main difference is that the refrigerant () refrigeration system is not in direct contact …

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History Of Wushu Master Wang Patio

Patio Master Wang was born in 1919 in the county of Hebei province Vutsin most of his life from early childhood, lived in the city of Beijing. Wushu professional instructor he became 18 years old. In 1964, Wang became the youngest masters in Beijing Wushu. He managed to smuggle through the years, his outstanding skill …

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Required Wood

About the walls and roof. Long thought, what does cost itself, the house itself. Brick, of course, is good. Thinking how much is will cost us the strong foundation which can withstand the weight of the brick walls, and most importantly – the cost of the required brick, fell into depression. But not for long! …

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