Dog Grooming

Madly in love with the pet owner at some point, think about the haircut. It does not matter what sex the dog and it does not matter Location: dog grooming – a service which is common in St. Petersburg and other cities. But far not all are from the age of the dog. Stress the animals endure is very hard, they just look pitiful in that state.

And it was the haircut can contribute to it. Of course, we should not immediately abandon the idea. Elementary respect for the two simple rules – is what you need: cutting his dog up to a year, trust is a specialist. The fact that an adult dog accepts his new look differently than his master, if the first time it shorn after year. The animal could easily interpret the transformation as a way of punishment, as a demonstration of his master's negative attitude … And then the stress is inevitable.

Stress manifests itself in sluggish pupil, the refusal is, in health problems. Following the second rule, you can expect a satisfactory result, because it ensures zoosalon. The specialist knows best what will your pet, how to hide the flaws. Suffer from changes in appearance dog in any case should not, because you will need to provide regular care. Your task – that it used to it. Grooming dogs is not any pet would be accepted 'with enthusiasm'. And this is another proof that tackle the problem should only be a specialist. Do not be lazy to go with her just in the salon. In the house the dog should feel comfortable, in fact that's why it exists – is a veritable fortress, where to be safe. Groomer, through the caring hands of whom was not a little pet, choose the right approach and to yours. No experience, no grasp on their own to cut the dog because She sees you as a close friend as a family. If you suddenly wound with scissors or clippers, the offense will be just a sea. Of course, we will not exclude such a situation where a dog for more than 2 years and haircut for her – this is something new. And anyway, I want to give your dog a noble kind. It may be advisable to contact the vet and learn how to avoid stress or minimize it. Want to make your dog stand out from the gray mass? Mowing it can provide!