History Of Wushu Master Wang Patio

Patio Master Wang was born in 1919 in the county of Hebei province Vutsin most of his life from early childhood, lived in the city of Beijing. Wushu professional instructor he became 18 years old. In 1964, Wang became the youngest masters in Beijing Wushu. He managed to smuggle through the years, his outstanding skill of martial arts for self-defense to the present day. He won fame and popularity not only among the followers of Taijiquan, but also recognize and respect many masters of other schools of Chinese martial arts, who had witnessed the effectiveness of its excellence. When Wang was young, he spent 10 years under very difficult and a variety of training before he managed to develop a solid foundation necessary to become a true master. at age 8 he began learning from their neighbors working in the circus, do all kinds of exercises on the strength of flexibility to the legs and waist, and was able to successfully perform flips 36 times in a row on the tabletop.

at age 12 he began studying the "Eight Trigrams Palm" in 13 years – "elastic leg" of competent teachers. Then, at age 14 he began studying martial arts at a well-known master Jan Utina that was a pupil of Van . Starting from 15-17 years received personal instruction from Master John Utina. Over the three age he had to rise at three o'clock in the morning running the woods, near the current location of the square and Tananmyn train yourself to continue to 2 hours. Then he came to train as an assistant coach and starting from 6 o'clock in the morning helped up to 10 hours to train various groups in the art of wushu. and such a heavy load training and exercises every day did not last as many as 3 years.

After the founding of the prc, was invited as a teacher of martial arts in a variety of institutions and educational institutions. then he went from Beijing to 1980. After 18 years absence, he was again greeted by young and old generations of fans of Taijiquan, as winners of the third Wushu competitions with a broad sword for the elderly in Beijing. His speech was very highest ratings. Then Wang continued teaching martial arts at several institutions including the National Library in Beijing, ccp, languages in Beijing Wushu Sviblovo