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Glass Stemware Class

Glass goblets are in addition best suited to bring a refreshing water on the table. It is a sign of complete tableware when well-tended drinks in radiant glass cups are served to guests. The chalice shape is based on the Church drinking vessels of antiquity and the middle ages and is first mentioned in the …

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Stylish Washing Places

Small baths require special interior design concepts, which should offer not only freedom of movement, but also visually enlarge rooms. (tdx) Whether old or new building settlement, whether flat or home: long bathroom has completed the conversion of the simple wet-room to the comfortable wellness area. Due to a limited space this well-being space is …

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Gifts for Close Friends

To give expensive gifts – gold and silver – the privilege of close friends. These are the gifts, over which time, powerless, that best express the feelings of the giver, they become the embodiment of things and over the years become family heirlooms. It should be remembered also that the jewelry of silver perform not …

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