New Year’s Eve

New Year's – a bright family holiday. Many celebrate it with family, giving his close attention, gifts and warm the soul. What could be better than New Year's Eve next to your loved ones? Celebrate New Year everyone used differently. A favorite among the venues of the New Year, of course, remains home, but if every year to celebrate the New Year in one place, then it becomes a little too traditional. But there are many interesting places where you can to have a good time.

For example, the New Year in Moscow – a cottage villages, bases, and rest homes, as well as ski resorts. In Moscow a huge number of holiday homes and boarding houses, where the fresh air away from the urban hustle and bustle to enjoy a holiday like never before. Ordering a New Year's trip to Moscow, you will be able to fully enjoy the holiday – a walk among the snow-covered trees, play billiards in the big hall, see the New Year fireworks, holding a sparkler, and even visit the swimming pool and gym. New Year's Eve in the suburban hotel "Glade" – is a restaurant, dining, bowling, bar, children's art room, an American pool, billiards room, tennis room, a cozy bar, snack bar, room for manicures, pedicures, doctor, hairdresser, library, cinema hall, pharmacy, conference hall. Rent a cottage in the suburbs on New Year's Eve not only convenient, but also profitable. You will have a two-story palace with fireplace, sauna, tv and soft furnishings.

New Year in the Pine forest – a cottage with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, cozy living room, sauna and pool. Here you can book a cottage on the New Year for 6-8 people. In the yard of the cottage barbeque gazebo. In the pine forest, you can ride horses and snowmobiles, to find passion in the soul and, most importantly, a place you will left to themselves, and maybe even find new friends, after all, who will be next to come in there with one purpose – to celebrate the New Year in Moscow. New Year's Eve in the ski resorts of Moscow region – it is an opportunity plenty of skiing and tobogganing, fun time at restaurants and drive in a circle around a live decorated Christmas tree. Each holiday home near Moscow on New Year's offers good programs to suit everyone. For children many interesting things: the traditional Christmas tree with gifts, entertaining show with characters from fairy tales and socializing with peers. Adult – New Year banquets, concerts and discos. New Year in Sochi – a set of comfortable hotels on the beach. New Year's holidays and Christmas in Sochi will be an unforgettable adventure, because where else can you go skiing and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of the south. Everyone wants to give close this Christmas tale. Make it simple – remove the cottage or to order a New Year's tour to Moscow region, or choose a New Year's holiday on the beach in Sochi hotels.