Required Wood

About the walls and roof. Long thought, what does cost itself, the house itself. Brick, of course, is good. Thinking how much is will cost us the strong foundation which can withstand the weight of the brick walls, and most importantly – the cost of the required brick, fell into depression. But not for long! Exit found in other materials – the good old wood.

Can be from a bar (more expensive, but nice and smooth inside and out), you can log out (cheaper and requires finishing). On the other hand: warm, budget, eco-friendly (we have the same kids, do not forget). Yes, wood has its drawbacks. First, it can burn. Secondly, all sorts of bugs, worms, waiting- built our house, so immediately there to settle there and begin to multiply and eat it the same.

But, as it turned out, things are not so scary. It turns out that the wood can be impregnated with a special solution, which in the case and will protect against fire, and from the water, and bugs make our wood inedible. Having defined the material started construction. About the process. Made the foundation of inexpensive, if needed, will be able to withstand and second floor in the future (after all, two children – is not the limit, right?). Quickly grew from the walls of treated wood, and found that it looks so cool that it is unlikely we will finish. About feelings. I really liked the warm light wood walls, as if the sun does not leave our house or in the winter or summer. Shudder to imagine Now in their place, gray brick masonry, which will not leave without finishing. And if a child in his sleep leaning against the wall next to the crib? Warm wooden surface, even covered with interior decoration, much preferable to the cold indifference of brick. In our house a special atmosphere in which to enjoy coming back from work tired husband, fun and healthy children from walking in a hurry friends and relatives of the solar fragrant hospitality. Moreover, that the budget material at home has allowed us to not limit yourself to its size. In conclusion I would say we are satisfied with the resulting home. The husband believes that we quickly decided on Drugs housing. I really like our house, he was warm, bright and lively. It is always nice to come in any weather. Children can easily hang their drawings on the walls, playing on the floor, lean against the wall – and I do not fear that they will freeze and cold. Still – this is a great happiness when there is a favorite home built with the personal participation.