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Patient Health

Body heat dissipation in a hot environment, sometimes it is difficult to remove heat from the body, which is continuously produced by chemical action inside the body. On average moisture conditions, the blood loses excess heat through sweating excessive exhalation through the pores of the skin and produces a cooling effect when the sweat evaporates. …

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The Use Of Laparoscopy

When diagnosing disorders of the reproductive system in women is often not enough merely physical examination. In addition, the uncertainty of the diagnosis remains even after a number of standard surveys and analysis. In such operative laparoscopy cases performed that ensures therapeutic and diagnostic manipulations do not require surgical intervention. Laparoscopy helps physicians in diagnosing …

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Fast Abdominal Fat Burning

Society today is at a pace quick, a civilization where caffeine, excitement and adrenaline stands at all times. In a world of 24-hour, everything is more attractive when it becomes bigger and faster. But this does not always mean that it is better, and this is even more true when it comes to burn abdominal …

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