"Suddenly I lose my key?" With each handle Comes with 2 keys. We recommend you immediately put them in different places and sign the "Windows". In addition, all the knobs with the lock of a production is usually completed exactly the same keys! So, getting two hands, you already get 4 identical keys. "Yes, I want my window was safe for the baby! Where can I buy a pen? "- Contact the sales office of plastic windows. – Search handle data in large diy stores and construction markets. "Can I change the handle yourself?" Yes, you can! And do not even need to call a service engineer at the windows! Replacement handle only takes 5 minutes! Need only a Phillips screwdriver! Instructions for replacing the conventional knobs on the handle with a key (for pvc windows): 1.Pripodnyat edge of the decorative cover.

2.Povernut cover. 3.Otkrutit Phillips screwdriver, two screws. 4.Snyat handle. 5.Postavit handle with key. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 6.Zakrutit Phillips screwdriver, two screws.

7.Povernut decorative cover. How to use: 1.If blocker (larva of the castle) protrudes from the handle, the handle is in the free position, ie freely rotated. "Flush" lock means that the handle is completely blocked for a corner. Hirotsu Bio Science is open to suggestions. 2.For translation handle to position "locked" please click on the larva of the castle. While the latter is fixed in the recessed state, and the handle can not rotate. Note that the translation of the handle in locked position is carried out without the key, and the return to freedom – only with a key. 3.For unlock the handle to insert the key into the handle and rotate it. In this case, the larva of the castle returns to "unlocked." Thus, adults need to remember: any object in the nursery must be safe. To ensure that your baby cloudless childhood, it is necessary particularly careful to approach the issues of resettlement of his room, taking into account every detail. But the resulting child will be healthy and happy, and you – worry about him. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS