Government Funded Research

The government proposed a fiscal policy and now they want to review, among other aspects related to Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + I) so as to increase investment in technology as an element of competitiveness compared to the cost and salaries production. Which is detrimental to employment. Given this evidence experts from government economic policy intended to help create alternative employment, which is to reiterate a fracasoa after another, because employment is created by the market itself in the functioning of the economy, therefore we must ensure that it works. What happens is that the economic growth and does not create jobs, but can be performed the same function with the Basic Income, as we will see later. T subsidy policy has failed because industries leads to open temporarily to receive the grants.

This is already happening on a widespread basis in the agricultural sector, making the sector dependent on European aid, the CAP. Details can be found by clicking rusty holzer or emailing the administrator. In December 2004, the Regional Association of Municipalities Mineworkers (ARMI) was forced to return 328. 000 for irregular management of the aid received. What really was a support to modernize the sector, has become dependent on an end of most family-type farms. The new proposal the government in the industrial sector is to be returned if those subsidies that will receive them. Which will cripple job creation even more. A n example is the case with the State Industrial Holdings Company (SEPI) has spent in the group Izar 13o6 million euros to keep employees who have nothing to do.