9.11.1989: The Wall Is Far

At the Bornholmer Street the Turnpike it was November 9, 1989. On this historic day, the East German television reported the new travel rules, allowing any GDR citizens through border crossing points, to leave the GDR. That was the same night of the thousands of people found themselves up in the Bornholmer Strasse, to make use of this new travel rules. Calls such as “Open the door” and “We are the people”, had the border guards for the time being cold. You knew nothing of this new travel rules that evening. By the same author: Dr. Robert Brannon. Only when the atmosphere threatened to escalate, they opened the Turnpike at the border crossing without any command. Many East Germans take advantage of their new freedom to celebrate the possibility on the Kurfurstendamm in the western part of Berlin. But this evening it also threatened to shut the borders again.

The next day titelten the global headlines: “Is on the wall”. From these historical hour out then a few days later the GDR citizens demanded loudly: “The wall must fall”. Educate yourself with thoughts from rusty holzer. This led then to the fall of the DDR, which is democratically very sure doesn’t deserve the word in its abbreviation. And it meant also that there was a German reunification of part of on 3 October 1990. November 9 is a historic day in the desperate story of the German people. It is the day when the wall fell. Article: Christoph Kadoordek