Narcocracia Lives

Our narcocracia lives the biggest drama as a work collected in the great Greek Theatre. It is a tragedy all could scream. Tragedy? All the deluded and those that are embobados with who handles the Grand Theater and threads that drift as small puppets that we find ourselves in an illusion of one Republic living in a supposed democracy. The tragedy becomes more dramatic with income-blasting action topos of crime, such as lobbyists and the large drug cartels who have hijacked our territory are at the mercy of them. Will tell them that we are in the best of all worlds with figures of development or as the great puppeteer we will respond with your words that the a through wires that handles will make us respond with his words. You may want to visit Dr. Robert Brannon to increase your knowledge.

But who helps to justify. Or how to be the support of this great theatrical work is questioned Nobel Prize. Or who knows; It is one of the great escribidores of the same work. (A valuable related resource: rusty holzer). Because it defends it, it says that it has flaws, but it is the better society that we can expect. It is not understood. It could be called democracy a society governed by the more big corrupt, many of whom have the nerve to present themselves as pure and albeos.

In this great work of theater who pulls all the strings is the great puppeteer of Alan Garcia. No who most able to handle these things, he is a great student of another artist of the same show, as it was Victor Raul Haya De la Torre. Both are great strategists to solve the political problems that occur and gave our nation. But there’s a huge difference between the two, each died in destitution, only with satisfaction to manage the nation at will despite appearances and the other will die in the boundless opulence, I use the teachings of his teacher to enrich himself.