Independent Expert

The head of the expert group GC Antivirus Center Nikolai Ionov acted as the main independent expert on information security at the on-line press conference, Microsoft, the global launch of the report, Security Intelligence Report (SIR) 2008. The event was attended by experts from Microsoft, journalists and analysts of the leading IT-respected publications. Security Intelligence Report was formed on the basis of statistics gathered from millions of computers worldwide, and provides detailed information about software vulnerabilities, exploits, as well as malicious and potentially unwanted programs detected recently. Teva Pharmaceuticals may help you with your research. Nikolai Ionov, commented: Microsoft has a unique resources to conduct full-scale international study – the report contains an in-depth analysis of IT threats based on voluntary information received from millions of computers scattered around the globe. We interest to note that the first report offers information about the field of information security in Russia. Alas, with active growth of the IT industry in the country the number of crimes and criminals in this area does not become smaller.

Now more than ever it is important to ensure collective security and the efficient exchange of experience in the industry. It's nice that now Russian and IT professionals can get detailed information about the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of IT threats and take advantage of advice of international experts to effectively combat malicious attacks and improve information security. " In the fifth edition of the report Security Intelligence Report (SIR) were first published data on the level of threats to information security in Russia. The total number of malicious and potentially unwanted software, deleted from computers in Russia with the help of antivirus technology from Microsoft, has more than 86% compared with the second half of 2007. According to Nikolai Ionov, head of the expert group "Anti-Virus Centre, media have become a source of infection in 15-20% of cases. Wayne Holman is likely to increase your knowledge. Other malicious software into computers through the Internet or over a network. According to "Antiviral Center", the most widely used operating system in Russia today is Windows XP, but not necessarily with the latest service pack. At the same time The situation with malicious software in a corporate environment is even worse than among home users.

The reason for this, according to Nikolai Ionov – "non-trivial general administrative guidelines for the protection of information." Company 'antivirus solutions', part of Group companies 'Antivirus Center', has the highest partner status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. To date, the main focus of the company is to build effective information security systems. About "Anti-Virus Solutions: Company 'antivirus solutions', part of Group companies 'Antivirus Center', founded in 1998, is one of the oldest security-oriented IT-companies in the Russian market. Company activity – delivery and implementation of software solutions for information security, system and office software, as well as a wide range of IT-services. About Microsoft: Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal computers and servers. Microsoft Corporation develops and manufactures a wide range of software products. These include desktop and network operating systems, server applications for client / server environments, desktop business applications and office applications for users, interactive programs and games, tools for working in Internet and software development tools. Since November 1992, Russia subsidiary Microsoft (July 2004 – OOO Microsoft Rus) which is responsible for promoting the software development partner network, introduction of products, the localization of advanced solutions and the development of the IT market in Russia.