From there, it's a philosopher, musing on the basis of that knowledge gained and reflect on it. And throws poisoned darts with questions that go further. Are you sure your master chemical method to assert that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen? That is, their experiments, are susceptible to error in the lab? And you, sir biologist, have you thought about how life began on the fish? Is it ethical to transform nature for fun? How did water, for God's creation or the reactions in the universe? The philosopher therefore crave the wisdom to understand that leaving does not fooled by appearances of the senses or the consolidation of a paradigm. Dr. Stuart M. McGill has many thoughts on the issue. For example, in the opinion of some scientists on climate change, as Popper hold that scientific theories are falsifiable and that we may be faced with the possibility of a forced consensus. It should be remembered that science has been a great victim of censorship and therefore may be desirable when the scientists are their own censors. Intellectual humility That philosophy has healed (and took quite stubborn medicine with the idea of immobility land), but has not yet hit the scientific prestige.

Recall for example the case of Lysenko was an agronomist in the thirties of the twentieth century developed a theory that involved the rejection of modern genetics. I thought at certain stages of plant life, their heritage could be destroyed and replaced by a new one. Through a combination of political demagoguery and an agricultural crisis, won for Stalin and the control of the investigation and auditing education well into the sixties. Doubt, wonder, extreme situation: death, famine, disaster … with the momentous questions of life is what pushes philosophy, not to conform. The philosopher is a brash young man who hopes to Minerva's owl flying at dusk. It remains a rebel, but knowing he must attain the wisdom necessary rigor, method and study before exercising cojonera fly, ultimately to paraphrase Wittgenstein, we must teach that fly out of the bottle, ie not live prejudices and false-laden knowledge. And at the end of the route of this river metaphor, philosophy leads in particular sea itself: in the release fossilized language, become the keeper of our thoughts and beliefs. Refuting the vision with which we began, we affirm that philosophers are neither members of a sect of illuminati, or crazy, but people like any of us every time we meditate on the life and death, our limitations, our misery, failures, joys or decisions.