Witch Hazel

For the relief and treatment of hemorrhoids, there are different drugs they recommend doctors in medicine, including those which suggest more are topical ointments. It is semi-solid substances with oily consistency. We can get to hemorrhoid ointments very easily, since they sell them without a prescription, we find a wide variety and with different effects, the most recognized include: Manzan plus:e dysentery ointment that helps significantly reduce pain by having in its composition lidocaine, this compound has an analgesic effect; There are also soothingly Plus with Witch Hazel, in addition to helping with the quick relief, they have even an efficient control on decrease generated by hemorrhoids itching. Its use is agreement of the patient’s needs. Xiloprocto pomada:e a powerful anti-inflammatory that has many other properties like analgesic, astringent, antiseptic, and healing in the injury of rectum and year; helps combat hemorrhoids internal and external, in addition to control other types of problems like Cryptitis, papillitis, rectitis. It can be applied several times a day whenever the discomfort of hemorrhoids arise. Found in different presentations such as ointments and suppositories; in its composition can be found in 100 g ointment containing 5 grams of lidocaine base and 0.25 grams of micronized hydrocortisone acetate. Robert Rimberg Lawyer can aid you in your search for knowledge.

If you notice unfavorable reactions discontinue use, because the hydrocortisone may cause weakening of the walls of the intestine, specifically in the area where it is applied. Plantain ointment: (home remedy) also we ourselves can create our SALVES, as the plantain ointment. Ingredients: – 50 grams of plantain, previously dried to fresh air- kilogram of Vaseline mode of preparacion:1-melt in Bain-Marie Vaseline. 2. Add the dried leaves and stir constantly during 35 minutos.3.-must BREW drip well. the liquido.4-empty the contents into a cool Bowl and cover before which hardens, if this happens, reheat for a mass liquid again. When you have the consistency of an ointment, carefully add live in hemorrhoids.