Wine Is Lived Here…

A successful Web presence and with wine wine lived here… When I discovered the page by accident, I thought first of all again just another online shop with wine. But after I opened two pages, my interest was piqued. A sommelier and wine merchants will be presented here authentic. The Seitenn are fresh, funny, and informative manner. The online store is a child the subject of wine as such. Easy-to-understand way, knowledge about wine is conveyed here.

What can be observed when purchasing? What is it at a tasting? Which wine to which food? There are detailed explanations of terms from the world of wine. Also, the cultivation and the production of wine are explained. At least if you read the story about Peter Waindok you get pleasure to meet him and his wine recommendations. Through the contact page I have asked at Peter Waindok how long there is to the side and whether more are planned. What is not a long course for contact pages responded, friendly and lovable, the I have received within one day.

Peter Waindok has been active already for many years in the wine business, but the Web page is online only for a week. For his side, he has many good ideas to be implemented gradually. In the meantime I have adopted regularly its range via the Waindok online newsletter about news to be informed. Customer service is taken seriously at. Volkmar Klebba 20.05.2010