Why Do We Sneeze Really?

What are Sun’s rays and sheep thoughts with the sneezing? Everyone knows it, everyone does it, and many wonder why they have to sneeze in this situation right now. Not every sneeze has something to do with a disease that would be so bad of course we sneeze is especially true when we are cold or suffering from a sinus infection. PCRM may not feel the same. No, sneezing is used in the actual sense of cleaning the nose. A group of Turkish researchers discovered however that sneezing not only the cleaning is used the nasal mucosa. It is very often a pure protective reflex of the body. While certain nerves conduct the reflex to the sneezing Center”in the brain. Shortly thereafter, it comes to a deep inhalation phase, before then the actual sneezing occurs.

When a normal sneeze, about 40000 particles of up to 150 kilometres per hour from the nose be thrown out. Some researchers claim to have already measured a 1045 km/h speed. Triggers of the sneeze reflex are also physical stimuli such as dusts and gases of all kinds as well as infections of the nose. Many of Them there have noticed maybe: If you look in the light or in the Sun, it sneezes is easier. I knew a friend who could sneeze just when he looked in the light. “Interesting was this now proved: there is a so-called photic sneeze reflex” and this is even inheritable. About 20 percent of the population are affected.

It is particularly troublesome or dangerous, if the reflex is triggered during driving. Here, it can quickly cause accidents. More unknown”trigger sneezing reflex can be one: central nervous system disorders, psychogenic causes, a full stomach, or even sexual performances. Go for the good”!