Which Bedroom Favorable The Feng Shui Way Of Life

Brown, beige and yellow – the colors of the earth, if they are favorable bedroom is located on the west, northwest, northeast and southwest. Earth energy – energy that stability and peace. White, gray and gold – a palette of energy of the metal. And they are good for bedrooms located on the west, north, northeast, northwest. Element metal – the energy of health, it is beneficial for people with very poor health. Since the metal is another side is responsible for the infighting, the bullies and bully in any case you can not have a bedroom in the west or north-west and not to the bedroom was dominated by the color of the element metal. Blue and black – the colors of the element of water, the water in the bedroom is not the best choice, because the energy and even comforting, but at the same time the state of being whipped or feelings of depression.

This energy can cause seeing ghosts, hearing voices and other extraordinary abilities. If your child (especially children younger than 7 years) did not sleep at night and cries, then you should not check whether his bedroom in the north and not whether it is dominated by water color (blue, green, blue) Only people requiring the element of water, can be arranged in the bedroom blues. These colors fit the bedrooms on the north, east, west and south-east. Green in the bedroom – the energy of the tree. The tree can cause people to charity, and if its a lot, naobrot irritation, causing insomnia.