Wellness, well-being, relaxation and easy enjoyment are attributes that determine our daily lives. Authentic for this way of life the two swing stand BBs of the four seasons wine. Wellness, well-being, relaxation and easy pleasure”are attributes, which determine our everyday lives today. Authentic for this way of life,”the two are BBs swing” of the four seasons wine EC. They guarantee easy carefree enjoyment with a low alcohol content. Innovative wine concept from the home of the four seasons winemakers EC is cut, such as the pleasure – and consumerist female customers exactly to the needs of the target group. The new equipment gives at first sight”feeling welldone. “The winged, floating dancer, the lettering swing” probably stands for ease and joie de vivre.

Attributes, which complies with the content of the two protagonists with ease. Carefree is the philosophy the swing”characterized. Is this already during the production of the grapes the main focus. “Special parcels be selected so, where then the grapes for swing” produced. The winemakers and Oenologists team with CEO Walter Brahner accompany the growing season with quality promotional measures to harvest healthy grapes at an early stage. The measures in the vineyard allow low, natural alcohol content paired with delicate fruit and subtle acidity.

Thus, present the fresh Rivaner and the fruity Portuguese Rose as the young trendsetters from the Palatinate. The shipping costs you can taste immediately, that the professionals of the four seasons have placed value on to produce a full, fruity wine. The two are decorated with their finesse richness that is determined by the fine acidity and fruit aromas. “To recommend to the two immediately as the new party stars and convince with their potential – in the modern cross-over cuisine”. Thomas Reininger / genius marketing