Warts: Genital Warts And HPV

A common and contagious disease warts in the genital area – alone at this presentation it is some people shudder. Unfortunately, this disease is not all that rare, on the contrary, it is even relatively often. The genital warts be triggered by a viral infection with the HPV – virus. Similar to when the warts on the skin is a contagious disease transmitted exclusively through sexual intercourse but in the genital area. Genital warts are hence among the sexual transmitted diseases. However, it is hard to imagine where such disorder originated because the excavation is done in an indeterminate time after infection.

It is possible a period of a few weeks to more than a year. Is also a significant risk of infection to the partner. Since long time remain undetected in many cases genital warts, the infection spreads quickly on the partner, if not the immune system is strong enough to prevent this. An investigation of the partners is very important and should be Despite all inhibitions must be carried out. Because it is a viral disease, a causal treatment is not possible at present. The doctor can only try to remove the warts. At smaller warts, this is done by laser, burn cold treatment or electric.

Larger warts and vast areas is real surgery. Also you can try a drug treatment. The application of a pharmaceutical product containing the active ingredient Imiquimod is common that strengthens the immune response. There, which necessarily must be pointed out is a very important point. The disease with the HPV is closely associated with the risk to cervical cancer virus. There are certain types of viruses that are involved in the specific case. Meanwhile, it developed a vaccination that prevents a disease. However, the vaccination no longer helps once you have the virus in the body. Here, one can only try to activate the body by strengthening the immune system against the virus. Andreas City gene