Aluminum very easy to process, it does the job with an aluminum design is more simple and enjoyable. Durability – another quality that makes aluminum structures and systems including: windows, doors, aluminum facades, all more popular material in construction. Do not forget about such, as resistance to corrosion and the harmful environmental effects. Can not be afraid that time will ruin the look of aluminum facades, windows and other aluminum structures. Aluminum construction – an excellent choice for the construction of various glass constructions: aluminum windows, doors and aluminum facade that can be integrated. Not rare occasions when aluminum structures built upon complex projects aluminum facades.

The facades are made with aluminum construction (aluminum facades), has recently become very common in our country. Most often, such aluminum facades installed in buildings with solid walls and window openings. Constructed such aluminum facades of highly strong and durable aluminum construction. They are building different windows: metal-plastic, aluminum or an attic, and they are edged with sandwich panels. Superior flexibility and ease of aluminum allows to implement the original design decisions and create aluminum facades with different angles of the fracture. In addition, when creating aluminum facades are no restrictions on the color palette – all in the hands of the designers! Particularly attractive look with colored aluminum facades inserts. Aluminum facades and entrance groups deservedly love designers, builders and customers. Presentation skills, performance opportunities and impeccable style – all aluminum facades.

Aluminum structures confidently holds the leading position in a stylish modern design solutions. For example, it turned out that the usual and quite widely used plasterboard partitions on many performance much inferior to aluminum. The design of this material are not afraid of leaks and humidity from which spoils drywall. Aluminum structures have excellent soundproofing properties, simply mount; premises in which used aluminum partitions, easy to redevelop. The use of aluminum structures for mounting ceiling creates light aircraft spaces filled with natural light. Replacing the usual aluminum roof designs special kind – rooflights, designers and architects are making tremendous effect of open space. At the same time aluminum structures that serve as roofs, excellent job and with their main responsibilities. They reliably protect the building from the weather and cold, with the apparent fragility of aluminum structures are very resistant to mechanical stress. Significantly, that virtually all aluminum construction is easy to clean. Aluminum does not corrode, it does not change shape with a difference of humidity and temperature. He did not Static electricity, hence, on aluminum structures dust does not stay. Damage to doors or walls of aluminum is rather difficult, even if specifically ask for that purpose. Aluminium construction does not burn, do not respond to the impact of even a very strong acids and alkalis, very confident resist shock and pressure. Another advantage of aluminum construction – they have good abilities to disguise. Sovremennyealyuminievye surface can be painted in various colors, simulating, for example, natural wood or stone. Paintwork aluminum construction makes it possible to implement bold design ideas, and you can be absolutely sure that the cover it will serve faithfully for many years. However, why only covering? Aluminum structures from a reliable manufacturer – Warranty impeccable quality and durability.