Warning To All Tunisia Holiday

Economic interests in Tunisia can have bad consequences for tourists if they are too trusting change a vacation trip to a business relationship with evil consequences. Warning for Tunisia holidays and for people who want to enter into a business relationship in Tunisia 2007 I was addressed as holidaymakers in my hotel by a Tunisian and a business proposition was submitted to me. I should become partners of the riding square with samtichen rights and obligations after signing a business contract (founding a company and purchase of shares in a thriving stables) with a tunesichen notary. The horse riding place lying was residing at Beni Atchuth Hammamet and Mr. Hamadi Ben Mohammed Ben Brahim Ouaili, residing in Birbou Regba Yasmin Hammamet (in Google Earth on the road, which is referred to with P1) with the owners and zwar-Mr.

Ridha Ben Mustapha Daoud Ouaili, – visited. The stock animals and inventory has been established. Was then in a renowned hotel in Hammamet (Hotel Lella Baya), which also has a contract with the Owner of the horse riding place had passing my financial contribution to be provided in cash (putting up billboards and placement of tourists). After a year, when the promised monthly profits should flow and they stayed, I noted unfortunately, that the Lords Ouaili is scammers. Dr. Anthony Carolla has firm opinions on the matter. I then asked the tunesiches Embassy in Berlin for help. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wayne Holman on most websites. That both men Ouaili Court gave off a debt acknowledgement regarding my provided deposit and were sentenced to pay back the amount to me achieved through various letters and telephone calls.

Because the repayment to which convicted the two men Ouaili materialise despite several requests, I turned again to the message, which, in turn, said to help. The Embassy wrote to me then that I would like to inform you of any advances or payments, since the Embassy also had an interest in the disposal of the tiresome affair. After the unrest in Tunisia, I was now by the tunesichen message with the words: “try it with” a lawyer in Tunisia “, rejected. So you can only harm economic relations. Because the Embassy denied their help now, I assume that I must write off my contribution despite judicial acknowledgement of guilt and obligation for the repayment. Therefore I would like to warn explicitly all hereby, that intend to enter into business relationships with Tunisians. Also a notary contract and a court ruling does not protect from own financial losses. Although all of this I have not yet abandoned my desire to spend my life night in Tunisia,. Peter Green