Vita Beach Expands Sales

Swiss health mat now is even easier to obtain Kummertshausen (Switzerland) distributor in Saxony from immediately the Chemnitz Agency of Maine, whose representing Petra and Peter Mostl distribute the Vita-beach mat in Saxony and the so-called new Lander. They know the mat for years until recently was available only in the Switzerland and are enthusiastic about the new materials: this is really good work. The product is very well developed and a very good basis for a professional sales improved significantly.\” Uwe Natterer, which distributes the Vita-beach mat now in his trampoline store in Bamberg to customers all over southern Germany is responsible for Bavaria. Perfect equipment for health prevention and fun are the trampoline like the Vita-beach mat for him. The mat complements the product range in the trampoline store. You put on the trampoline, he increases the effect mat like the trampoline a lot.\” The Vita Beach health mat consists of easy-care, antistatic mat polyurethane.

Its interface is modeled after the Pebble Beach, whose various pebbled can move in all directions. Walking on the mat, ideal are twice daily 10 to 15 minutes, affecting the organism as a walk on a gravel beach with amazing effects, as Delta CEO Dietlinde Haverkamp vital explains: the gang on the uneven surface and the associated foot reflexology massage activates the body support and restraint system, stimulates the metabolism and improves blood circulation. Almost the entire muscle is strengthened, belly, legs and buttocks lose fat and strengthen themselves, the blood vessels are again more supple. In addition, more calories are burned when walking on the mat as walking or jogging. So she promotes the removal pounds naturally and very pleasant unhealthier and lastiger.\” In the Switzerland, the Vita Beach health mat is years in physiotherapy practices and wellness centres, but also in the private sphere for Health and fitness, used to support healing and alleviating discomfort. .