USSR Muslum Magomayev

But unlike the publishers of the popular so-called recreational literature, enticing buyers of books such word as "a sensation!", in this article is about a fakir, who under the guise of good intentions actually championed our joint early death. Wish to discuss this issue arose after the news of the untimely death of arteriosclerosis of the People's Artist of USSR Muslum Magomayev. Since such a fate can overtake each of us, let's discuss it together and think about prevention of diseases. Following the recommendations of the healers is now multiplied, actor Savely Kramarov (1934-1995) was a staunch vegetarian, daily during 30 years of hard practice yoga, and after moving to the United States did not miss a single day for bathing and swimming in the ocean. According to Jewish custom on Fridays he ate poluprovarennuyu fish.

Strictly worrying about his health, leading a healthy life was determined to live Kramarov to 140 years, which declined from eating meat, eggs, bread, milk, salt and sugar. Rarely used the cooked food, preferring damp. Unreasonable restrictions have led to a drop in immunity: he recommendations of some healers. Book store shelves in the sections are full of works medliteratury productive authors, often with no medical training, but the leading professional scientific elite in Non-Professional writers … But there were some books, "academician" NG Druzyaka from Odessa, which can be described as a skillful manipulation of facts by the master of his theory about the benefits of acidification of the body. role of medical science herald the CIS. In the 666-volume book tistranichnoy in various ways, the author tries to convince the reader about the dangers of products fortified with calcium, of which the main attack is directed to the milk. Leafed "Bestseller." Page 544. "The second major cause of osteoporosis may be increased consumption of dairy products, as if to say more precisely, the general consumption of dairy products in any minimum quantities." K first reason the author includes an increased alkalinity of the blood, "in which the disturbed calcium metabolism, but does not this disease is a consequence of low calcium intake.