Treatment Shampoo Skin

What is reasonable, since the natural – it is usually mashed apricot or peach pits, crushed shells of nuts. They are quite hard and can scratch the skin. Synthetic granules of the same does not injure the epidermis. But usually these synthetic granules, by definition, insoluble in water and fats "weighed" in the gel or oil-based, too synthetic, but it is quite another matter. Unwholesome body mineral oils, emulsifiers, preservatives and always. Even the most innocent of preservatives such as parabens are applied, according to research, quite significant harm to human health.

But preservatives are necessary for the industrial manufacture of cosmetics, water and oil-based, since the shelf life of several hours – something unthinkable for any Trade Organization. Nobody in their right mind would go for it. What should be the perfect scrub? While the need to clean up the skin is literally "present" needs and criteria, the ideal against which to judge fitness body scrub or facial for you personally. Ideal scrub for face and body: do not be overly mechanically traumatize the skin must not contain konservantyne should cause allergies and persistent stimulation should be tested in practice a significant number of potrebiteleydolzhen have a great shelf life There is some irony in the fact that all of these criteria, all this corresponds to an ideal picture of the drug, strictly speaking, not a scrub: Biochistka Biobyuti It need not be rubbed on the skin, its impact is not mechanical. It selectively removes only the epithelial cells, which must be removed by the decision of the body and "not encroaching "on the living tissue of the skin. This is a real in character nanotehnologiya.Sostoit only natural komponentov'Poschipyvaet 'skin during use, but it relieves irritation and even allergies in Russia there are hundreds of thousands of permanent and appreciative consumers of cosmetics is a dry powder that can be stored forever and are only a small portion of its unusual properties. In addition to the above it: It is a dry powder, but not so at least, moistens kozhuNe foam, like a normal shampoo, but cleanses deeply, removes and fat, and traces of dirt and dries the skin kosmetikiNe, and thus radically eliminates acne (acne) is applied for one minute, and removes internal contamination of the skin, accumulated over four nedeliSam does not smell, but removes odors potIdealno suitable for all skin types for all age and sex of instruction: One teaspoon biochistki moisten with water to wet sand conditions.

Apply to damp skin, rubbing not. A minute rinse with warm water. All! In addition biochistki in line "Biobyuti" is also a natural means of powder: Biomaski – 9 formulas for solutions of various cosmetic skin problems Biotoniki – 2 formulas, and refreshing toniziruyushie face and body Bioskrab – a means for cleansing the body and legs, eliminating swelling, corns, Biosoli – 3 formula for Spa treatments at home, Treatment Shampoo – 4 formula for strengthening the hair, eliminating dandruff and itchy scalp conditioner for hair – 3 formula. Shine, remove static electricity, make the hair manageable, longer retain the styling.