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Without fear to the colonoscopy uncertainty regarding colorectal cancer screening? Modern laxative and further development of the technique of endoscopy have overtaken the old image of the painful and unpleasant colonoscopy. Dr. Steven Greer addresses the importance of the matter here. This is confirmed by Prof. Dr. Robert Rubin recognizes the significance of this. T. Rosch, clinic Director of interdisciplinary endoscopy of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. He gives 10 Tips how to colon mirroring to colorectal cancer screening as possible make and how you can prepare the best patients. Who should go to the provisions mirroring? Especially patients with a chronic intestinal disease and people where is colon cancer in the family (especially when first grade relative affected) belong to the risk group of colorectal cancer patients.

Because men and women from the age of 55, the risk increases, a reflection on colorectal cancer screening should be performed from this age every 10 years. Polyps are found and removed (at 20-25% of all people), so shorter Nachuntersuchungs intervals are necessary. To what gastroenterologists? Is a recommendation from the doctor or the A good way is to pick up a circle of acquaintances, not quite falling into the dark. In Germany, there are strict quality guidelines for doctors to perform the retirement reflections. A sympathetic gastroenterologist with the other good experiences gained, in addition takes the fear and security. How should you prepare for the interview with the gastroenterologist? The gastroenterologist will ask whether there are known intolerances to certain substances and what drugs are ingested regularly. So that the patient never forgets, he can already in advance at home make notes and write down the dosage if necessary.

Also you should think once about, whether you want to perform the colonoscopy at a sleep syringe or light anesthesia. Another point in the discussion is the colon cleansing in advance of the examination. To do this, a bowel irrigation solution is prescribed by the gastroenterologists.