Ticks In Costa Rica On The Rise

The ticks are in Costa Rica, but probably also on the increase globally, and transferred to humans and animals dangerous diseases such as encephalitis (early summer meningoencephalitis), Lyme, Lyme, ehrlichiosis, and some other diseases. From the statistics seem to produce in 2006, Lithuania and the Czech Republic to have the most diseases, but also beat in Germany, in Europe because of the rapid large increase of clinical cases, the experts alarm. As the most infectious disease is registered in Europe, the disease with an estimated 120 000 new cases per year. In contrast to TBE there are still no preventive vaccine of Lyme disease. Unfortunately, the statistics are not very up to date and in some states it is not even a declaration. The issue is sensitive because what the country wants to have the tick disease are high.

What is the situation in Costa Rica and how the ticks came here? Some say from the outside, because just as in the sixteenth century, the Spanish Conquustadores their illnesses in their conquest campaigns of the same brought, brought the American Saldate, then later by the Vietnam settled in Costa Rica with their shepherd dogs infected with ticks and set fire to the other dogs. Meanwhile, the proportion of infected animals should be high. In any case, my vet told me in Nicoya, Costa Rica that my dog Benny (7 years) and Chico (6 months) were diagnosed with Lyme disease. When Benny was the proportion of red blood cells in the blood by 22%, 45% in normal to low. Even the wise blood body values (leukocytes) were poor.

The vet prescribed antibiotics Doxiciclin 100mg and vitamin tablets. The vitamin tablets were then eaten at night, but unfortunately some raccoons that visit us regularly here at the hotel. After 3 weeks of antibiotic treatment, Benny goes back much better. We have become sensitive and examine our dogs regularly for ticks. If you should discover a tick on themselves, we must remove them carefully. Better then dispose of the tick down the toilet than to crush them. In most cases, the inflamed site and leav a red wreath. During infection, the symptoms of fever, fatigue, anorexia, and later is bleeding. We have emigrated to Costa Rica, Guanacaste operate here in the hotel Samara, and had decided not take our animals, and have gained Benny and Chico us here as companions. All in all, we live here happy and hope that one of the problems with the tick disease in the future gets better under control.