THE solution makes a few years entered game boats primers and conveyors of bait, and since then now there are short distances, being the most common distance 150 and 200 metres, valuing also baits and lead reaches your site without brutal impacts, shocks or more noises from the account that Yes, the evolution in the design of these ships has not ceased or will do so in the coming years, and from the beginning has pursued equip them with innumerable functions, until you achieve true marvels of technique, so we got to POSEIDON II, a boat that in addition to bring us the groundbait and bait to the chosen siteIt is technically equipped with various instruments that make us easier to fishing, such as thermometer, transducer and depth gauge. BOAT POSEIDON II BEETWEN capacity conclusions Poseidon II is a primer boat, transportor remote control by radio control, powerful, equipped with sonar (probe search Shootin’) and thermometer. It stands out for its reduced dimensions, excellent design and its many benefits, since during navigation it offers very varied and useful information since you read the background in real time and tells us presence or not of fishes, its position and height in relation to the surface, the depth in meters and temperature in C, parameters that fishermen know assess and interpret 100% and that makes it a weapon of incalculable value, since they are details we’ve always needed to know to understand the reason for the negative days and all this concentrated on a single accessory for little more than four kilos of weight that sentence occupies space. !Buy now! BEETWEN once placed batteries in the remote control distancia-sonda, and loaded the boat’s battery, we can have a first contact with its handling and its main functions. Recommend you try at home, since the operation of the propellers in so short time testing does not connote no risk, especially to familiarize yourself with the controls and if there is a small problem, since in the river we could bring us some surprises. . For assistance, try visiting Dr. Robert Brannon.