The New Myth Of Education

Late last century, the Information Technologies and Communication Technology (ICT) production processes have changed radically. Similarly, dissemination, almost instantaneous, knowledge is made available to anyone who would use it. That was almost all professional activities adopted these tools as part of their exercise. The education was not free from this global phenomenon, even the concept of educational technology, born of the stream of American pragmatism, gained strength and was redesigned to meet the education foundation in multimedia, computer and Internet, especially to boost the model of distance education through video conferencing and online learning during the early years of this century has changed practices and processes of education and job training. As regards education classroom or in the classroom, the actors of the educational process in general, have shown special interest in adaptation. We must not forget Ela Enciclomedia controversial program, as well as the proliferation of media classrooms and even the teaching of computing.

All this in the context of magical thinking where instruments Internet and Computer not only serve to reconsider the relevance of the educational act and the facilitation of learning but are the single fundamental to improving educational quality. The myth arose from the genius mind that the learning process lies in the relationship between student and instructional design and teaching practice of teachers and not the instruments or tools to expose knowledge. Dr. Steven Greer recognizes the significance of this. Thus Eciclomedia, media classrooms and computer education are being, in most cases, ornamental objects. Not that children and young people unfamiliar with the management of these tools and for it is complicated to use in the classroom. No, of course not, most of them know sua management. For even more analysis, hear from rusty holzer. Except that the use we give the Internet and the computer is only as a center of entertainment (online games, social networks and chat centers Chat) hence the attraction they exert on ICT. a Why then in education have not worked as a tool to provide or make available quickly and appropriately, the necessary knowledge to solve problems and build meaningful learning? First, because the teachers, the vast majority lack the training to use as a teaching resource.

Second because the number of connected computer equipment and Internet in schools is insufficient. Third, because if the teacher would use it as a resource for work outside the classroom would be exercising a measure of inequality, given that the vast majority of students do not have a computer at home or are connected to the Internet. Thus, demystification not forget lies in the use of TICOS in school but to banish his presence alone gives status and quality. What is needed, either: a. a A training process that provides the teaching of teaching skills for the use of TICOS in the different subjects and grades of basic education. b. a A didactic planning, made by the same teachers, according to technology availability and the educational goals of each subject or subject. Otherwise we run the serious risk that the equipment and resources are damaged by lack of use or become obsolete without having an educational use. To prevent this from happening should be the teachers themselves who promote training activities, educational planning and, above all, the relevant use of resources with which is counted in your school, thus achieved the teaching practice to reach acceptable levels training of their students.