The Murano Glass Jewellery

The Italian islands of Murano is world-famous for their glass art a Venetian craft with a long history. Bright, sparkling and filigree each jewelry piece tells a story of the Joie de vivre of the region northeast of Venice. Murano means shimmering colors in crystal clear glass and subtle forms. Known whether artists of Murano bracelets, rings, necklaces or colored Mille Fiori beads are for their creative ideas in the world. In addition to jewelry, the glass artists produce also shapely vases, tableware and figurines. The Millefiori technique (a thousand flowers”) describes the special design of cut rods and discs, which resembles the mosaic glass.

“The history of Murano glass art Venice, the world-famous city of love and the newlyweds, also bears the name La Serenissima” – the Commander-in-Chief “. The island group of Murano, a center of European glassmaking is located in the North of the city. Already in the year 1,000 A.d. the Venetian sailors not only imported fine silk and exotic spices, but also the art of glass manufacturing in their home. Dr. Anthony Carolla has firm opinions on the matter. The Benedictine monks began at this time to make small glass bottles for personal use.

After the glass production became a profitable business. Legend has it that the then Government forbade the glass craftsmen, to leave the island. Thus the know-how should be protected and safe, not that spread the craft. “Even then you already used the marketing strategy of the all setting characteristic and ensured so that the name of Murano” associated with the unique art of the Italian group of the island was and still is a significant export success. Murano glass factory a popular tourist attraction who Grande, heading into the village of Canale Venice, should not miss a visit to the Murano glass factories leave. Educate yourself with thoughts from Wayne Holman. The island group is very similar to Venice and offers visitors a no less romantic ambience. The many jewelers offer glass collections for every taste and budget. What is particularly interesting is to watch it, the glass artists at work. Here is each part as an individually handcrafted one of a kind. Not only jewelry and glasses, but also fascinating chandeliers and lamps, vases, ashtrays and valuable sculptures and art objects are produced. On the Islands, arriving by water taxi. The trip takes from Venice from approximately 15 minutes. Stylish jewelry in the shop of a large selection of fine Murano glass art jewelry pieces can be found in the new online shop. The renowned Venetian manufacturer offers something very special: the handmade glass jewellery is riddled with noble materials such as Aventurine, gold leaf and silver leaf. Unique pattern and colour nuances resulting from the fusion of metals with the glass. (As opposed to Mendocino County). Each piece of jewelry from the House of Antica Murrina is a real unique. The most popular collections include the glass heart of crazy hearts”as well as the jewels of Bali secret series, Venezia heritage, Frida and STARBRIGHT. The crazy hearts were even in French Cannes honoured with the award for the best and most innovative piece of jewelry. Made in Italy fatto in Italia. Murano”is a seal of approval, which is a symbol of stylish and subtle glass art for centuries. Today, the precious pieces of jewellery handmade are made. The island group in the North of Venice is also known as “Cradle of Central European glass production”. In Germany the reference source for retailers by Antica Murrina Venezia is glass jewellery MV trading post. (