The Goddess

Unlike his brother, he wanted a peaceful world where life developed. Siffrit is the father of all gods of Order and creator of the elves. He is represented as a man in his elven features and dressed in white robes. GAEHLIA: The Mother Earth, Gaia, Gaia Daron. Siffrit daughter and wife, was created during the struggle between God Supreme and the Great God of Chaos. She was who I Kaleddrug, the great continent, and there met Siffrit. Both determined to bring life to that new world, married and had a long descent, consisting of various gods and demigods and sent some divine (as in Greek mythology, it is common for the Gods with their children Bind or their siblings). Gaehlia is also the messenger of divine envoys.

She is depicted as a young woman with dark hair and pale complexion, wearing a Greek-style dress. AERIUL: The God of Light and the first son and Gaehlia Siffrit. It is also the God of the Sun and Moon, the God of the Stars and anything that makes the darkness disappear. Until his birth, everything was dark and the only thing that used to light was the result of the struggle between divine and dark dragons. Once these dragons locked in the plane draconian darkness again until she gave birth Gaehlia (never better) to their first child.

Aeriul is represented as a middle-aged man holding a hand a burning field (the Sun) and the other a glittering crystal ball (the Moon), his dark blue robe is sprinkled with white dots (stars). NIME: The Goddess of Life and the second daughter and Gaehlia Siffrit. Its role is to give life to everything that your children create. Should make all that deserved to live began its existence and given a second chance to those who also deserved (the siffririanos believe in reincarnation). Little more can be said of the Goddess, except that it is represented as a girl surrounded by animals and plants of all species. SuLATAR: The Goddess of Air and daughter of Aeriul and NIME. It is twin sister of Oris, God of the Sea Goddess Sulatar is a benevolent-looking and very quiet, but sometimes tends to get angry very easily and she and Oris can cause, together (tsunamis, typhoons) or separately (tornados) large disasters. Sulatar is also considered the Goddess of birds. It has no representation, since, according to siffririanos, if the wind be seen or touched, Sulatar, its creator, either.