The Day

It is important to align the energy of your body at a higher level of brings back to consciousness since to do this will allow you to have more harmonious thoughts of fast way and to change at least 5.000 of your old woman thoughts by others that they are more positive and than they create your new reality. You can align your corporal energy with higher levels through the activation of your chakras or centers of energy. Also he is recommendable to make exercises of meditation or relaxation, this aid to that your emotions are the more calm and when doing this the vibration of your body rises automatically, on the contrary the estresantes situations cause that the energy of your body lowers. Another form to elevate the vibration of your body is hacerte a series of questions during the day. The following questions will make see the reality you of a different way: This that is happening really affects to me so much as I only create or I am exaggerating? There is some way in which it can stop thinking about this situation and to do of account that does not exist? If itself thinking about the same as it will be my life tomorrow? How it would prefer to feel to me at this moment and that I must make to feel to me thus? Tip #2 Enfcate in which you wish It keeps minutes every day in order to think about which you wish to create. If you continue living your life on an unconscious way you will follow the way of the leaders of the present time, the politicians, mass media and other leaders of this world that are focused mainly in the negatividad. Nevertheless if you decide to spend minutes daily to think about your desires and to imagine you make them a very important change in your life and little by little this one begins to improve becoming which you wish.