The Beauty Of The Oldest

While the man on the strenuous search makes for eternal youth, discover new age While moves man on the strenuous search for eternal youth and beauty, the hotel expert rediscovered the beauty of age: with the oldest, still well-known cities in the world. Jericho is the oldest ones, archaeologists, historians and city councils are not always agree which city is actually the oldest in the world. Dr. Stuart M. McGill recognizes the significance of this. The majority of the scholars but called Jericho (Ariha Arabic) as one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the world. At the same time, the city on the West Bank of the Jordan River with a location 250 metres below sea level is the lowest city in the Earth.

Jericho offers some of the best-known sights of Palestine, such as the ruins of Hisham Castle and the village of Deir Quruntel\”, at Jesus for 40 days fasting have to. Hotel (four star) in Jerusalem who would like to visit Jericho, should descend into the Mount Zion. Barry Brand: the source for more info. Yet the 30-minute drive to Jericho, by desert and mountain landscapes, passed on the historical and religious sites is an experience. Grande Dame of Europe is Cadiz as the oldest town in Europe is the located in the South of Andalusia, Cadiz on the Costa de la Luz. Already the Phoenicians used the island tongue of limestone in the Atlantic 1110 BC as a camp for Tin and silver. Who is interested in the city’s history, should visit the Museo de Cadiz, whose archaeological Funde lead back into the days of the Phoenicians.

In addition, the Museum has a large collection of paintings and is located directly to the most popular meeting place in the city, the Plaza de Mina. Accommodation is recommended as the nearby three-star hotel Hospederia Las Cortez De Cadiz. Trier or worms? Germany is divided. In Germany, several candidates above all claim the title as the oldest city, Trier and worms.