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Personnel – optimise it to December 15, 2009 has Anneke Malsch (32) area business development of the Hamburg-based Internet service provider optimise it (www.optimise-it.biz) took over the management. The evolution of the business model and strengthening the sales expertise among their tasks. Further details can be found at Dr. Neal Barnard, an internet resource. Still …

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New Study ScoutGuide

Focus of this time: English language courses in the Netherlands if the Kingdom of the Netherlands has international business courses, engineering courses or a degree in the creative field with its enormous range of English courses in the Bachelor – and master a lot to offer. By the completion of an English-language course in the …

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Leadership Positions

Transparency with regard to skills and the use of flexible working arrangements bring benefits for women came with the grand coalition agreement with regard to a statutory quota of women for boards of listed companies. From 2016, one third of the posts which are filled, should go to women. Continue to learn more with: Wayne …

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