Stylish Washing Places

Small baths require special interior design concepts, which should offer not only freedom of movement, but also visually enlarge rooms. (tdx) Whether old or new building settlement, whether flat or home: long bathroom has completed the conversion of the simple wet-room to the comfortable wellness area. Due to a limited space this well-being space is still often very small. Then, it is functional and aesthetic at the same time to set up the bathroom despite his size. New washing room types satisfy these requirements of Castle bath: you not only provide enough freedom of movement, but leave larger small rooms thanks to their design.

Modern bathroom furniture generally the small-medium-large “-principle, which is already known to us by the purchase of dress: as a piece of clothing in different sizes is available, there are also bathroom furniture fitting to the existing size of the room.” “” That the new basin arrangements Crono ‘, PLI”and Sinea”so well in small bathroom concepts fit, lies not only in their variable dimensions: thanks to bright colors and an elegant formal language they let greater than small rooms. This impression is underlined by horizontal lighted mirror with LED lighting and soft lighting displays. All three models have also in common: mineral cast washbasin and cupboard melt together to form a homogeneous unit. The factual, consistent horizontal lines of the series of Crono”gives more depth squat rooms and provides a sensual experience for necessary peace and total relaxation. The mineral cast basin promises high washing comfort with its deep hollow and the softened edges.

Similarly in the delicate, soft contoured basin of bathroom furniture line PLI”. Seamlessly, he passes by the oval into a classic rectangle and thus forms a silhouette of swinging out. The flowing line in the pool very nice realized one bug as gives direction the flow of the water playfully. The amorphous design especially smaller rooms gives a unique charm. “The design of the bathroom furniture series PLI” is with the red dot award has been awarded. Also the wave-shaped design of the series Sinea’ in small bathrooms big comes out: not only mineral cast washbasin and cupboard going up a harmonious connection. Even the juxtaposition of convex curved excerpt and concave shaped drawers, each following the lines of the washbasin and its side pocket is one of the design details. This dynamic form finds herself also in matching LED illuminated mirrors. Small bathrooms are their large relatives in functionality, appearance and comfort in anything thanks Sinea’ and other new types of washing place. For more information see. Tanja EST