Staying in the Moment

Thinking about the past is something that most of times not benefit us because it is likely to bring bad memories and mind want to recreate those experiences, dominate the thoughts is a complex task, remember that the mind does not distinguish the time, if you imagine something negative mind assumes that this is what you want and perhaps again to experience it. Many people don’t realize the damage that are made when talking about negative experiences, many minds assume that people then enjoy pain and as a result of that experience it. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we are told that the reality is a personal experience, there are those who insist on a global reality, but that doesn’t work that way, of course there are agreements, if we say that the United States currency is the dollar so accept it the majority and it would be absurd to insist that the currency is the American peso. Things that we should accept as agreements? There are many say that countries, cities, history, environmental issues, animals, etc. In fact there are many circumstances that we have all come to accept from an agreement both conscious and unconscious.

Should things that experience by ourselves? For example love, wealth, health, good relations, achieving goals, overcoming, Holiness, happiness, etc. All these things are intimately linked to the internal state of the individual and are a unique and personal experience. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt emphasizes us that we have control of our only destiny we must be willing to experience the wonders that Dios has given us why live the present with zeal and that amended its past. The great spiritual masters have concluded that everything that exists is the here and now, is to say that time is an illusion of the mind, then because too much attention paid to the illusion, to that extent not think much in the past unless it is to recreate a wonderful experience. No doubt that when we speak of goals is thinking about the future but we must not do so obsessive or compulsive, We develop our plans every day with a feeling of great peace and happiness in order to feel joy in each moment. You must know that to the extent that changes its shape to observe, Act and think in the now automatically you are modifying their past and future, at first this can be complicated to understand but it works. Stop a moment and think about what I have in my hands? And you will be aware that all you have is the present moment and the past and future cannot exist because always belonged to some present time, hence the importance of being in possession of the things that we have. When we fall into the mind of worry game much to the future or the past this causes us suffering, be happy, prosperous, loving, compassionate, Holy, kindly today, this is the best moment of your life, not so wasted!