Sports Betting

The intrigues in the more common it seems. In tennis is having many suspicions in many games. For example occurred a few years ago with Davydenko. I played against a player of lower ranking and won the first set. But suddenly, it moved a huge sum of money in favor of rival Davydenko, from east to be favorite, giving the Russian shares soaring (and I repeat that was already leading 1-0 in sets). Obviously, the game ended the comeback of his Argentine rival and Betfair alarms jumped against the possible rigging of "Nikolay." Another example in tennis was very recently, just last week. In a first round match at Wimbledon between Melzer and Odesnik, moved 300,000 euros from the Austrian stroke to win the match in three sets (fee to be paid over Betfair closed at that point all bets on that game.

The final, obviously. Melzer won 3-0, and again arose the suspicion of rigging. At the end of the game, both players were asked if they knew anything about this issue, and both refused amazed. As these cases, there are many others in tennis, but smaller impact, which makes every day more the sport is in question. It is clear that we will never find a match rigging in the TOP 5 players, however, are quite abundant in lower ranking players. Do not think that only exist in tennis, but also in minor league football, and even in the game as vital as the decline in the first division, as with the Athletic and the Levant, where the first was played and the other … no. There are going to do that while moving less money than in Europe, are increasingly popular.