Sneakers Smell

Heat of course, but the air is very heavy. Here, I think, just the conditions for testing what you need. Not really believed in the success, but still hardly slept, so was thrilled with hope. Wake up and find myself thinking that severity of the air had disappeared, there is no oppression of the light and the morning weakness, with which I usually wake up. Restrain himself: "calm, early to rejoice, we will continue ". At home I live puppy staffordshire terrier which still pisses anywhere cleans up after him, my son, but he is, after all wipe, mop washes out badly in general, as a result – in the toilet is not the smell of jasmine.

I took the machine, and rearranges the toilet. Expose special feature of accelerated rehabilitation (the device starts working at 120% capacity), and go out. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well. Come back in 2 hours, and he does not believe it. Not even a sign of bad smell! All neutralized! It's only later I learned, and received documented studies University of Kansas, that the device kills 99.9% of fungi and bacteria, not only in air but also on the surface of all available items in the room. nbsp; Then there was even more interesting. Asked a friend to smoke in the room.

He smokes cigarette after cigarette, and I'm sitting a meter away from him, but no smoke, no smell of tobacco can not feel. Fantastic! Here too I gave vent to his emotions, and heartily rejoiced. Then I put next to the machine Sneakers son, unpleasant-smelling then reorganize clothes hanging in the closet, bed drove apparatus for measurements of air into the laboratory ses gave a friend with allergies, and a friend who had just complete repairs in the apartment A lot of everything. Results and feedback always happy. Often people ask me "but where you can buy such a device?", Asked to help with this. Then I thought: "Once this problem is so urgent, then might be worth it to transport supplies? ". Did so. It has been ten months as I was seriously engaged in the business. The very use devices in the home and office. I can say that my condition has improved, energy was many times more. Enough sleep fine performance – unbelievable! Sometimes I work on the 12-Tb hours a day and still not particularly tired. Been sick over this period has never, despite the raging flu epidemic around. That such friends, the story I got. We can say the attempt to improve their health is quite successful. But as they say, "it is better to see once " Alexander.