Smaller Portion

A portion can be difficult to calculate. The size of the portions of food controls the amount of foods you eat. The amount of food you eat controls your weight, so simple. It is very important to eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, dairy low fat, healthy fats and lean meats. But, even if you eat the right foods, if you eat in excess of just twenty calories more of every meal during a day, gain 6 lbs in a year. You are are the advantages of a smaller portion: 1. lose weight this benefit is of course obvious if you consume fewer calories, weight low.

Losing weight will make your body healthier and more efficient. If you are overweight, losing just 5% of your body weight decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 2 Opportunity in smaller sizes appetizers served to make in the main meals possible the incorporating a couple of snacks in your plan of power. Having more food, not you’ll face long periods of time between them. It is much easier to wait two hours until the next time eat than five hours.

3 Avoid increases in blood sugar eat more meals a day of smaller portions stable sugar levels in the blood. Maintain controlled blood sugar help to adjust the production of insulin and prevent or minimize the effects of a pancreas overworked, even in people with normal weight. 4 Effective fat burning when the period between meals is more than four hours, your body thinks there is no food coming to the. In this case, your body goes into a survival mode and begins to store all the calories from fat extra. This process was very useful for our ancestors, but not so today. You need incoming calories so that they are used as energy and not stored as fat in the belly. 5 Prevents problems digestive if eaten in excess causes much stress in the tract digestive. Large meals are difficult to process and food found in the stomach for a long time without being digested. This can result in heartburn, bloating and other digestive problems. Smaller portions are easy to digest, convert it into energy and eliminate them. 6 Feel alert and energy after eating a large meal, you can feel weak, tired and sleepy. Everything you want to do is go to bed or sit in front of the TV. This kind of behavior is normal, because your mind is almost closed, digestive processes take over, and the excess food is converted directly into fat. Smaller portions, unlike the big, make you feel with energy and are easier to use as energy. 7 Opportunity to eat comfortable if you can keep the size of the controlled portion, you can eat any food you want. Two pieces of bacon or a piece of pizza do not ruin your diet. The easiest way of obtaining the smaller portions is to use smaller plates. If you change to the dessert instead of the dinner dishes, you can easily cut the portions. It is also useful to adopt the habit of not eating when you still have a little bit of hunger. Can you not lose weight in spite of everything that you do? Entered on: treatment for weight loss.