Shrimp Recipes

Seafood: Shrimp are a delicacy and taste very good in different variations. Who wants to eat consciously healthy, would necessarily think of seafood. The prawns & shrimps (prawns) for example are low in fat and calories. “Good fats” contained in the flesh of the shrimp & shrimp (scampi). The shrimp can be a basis for the balanced and tasty diet. If you eat seafood twice a week, the heart and the brain better with the stress can cope, it supports also the whole body.

The shrimp are very useful for health. Here are some shrimp recipes. 1 – shrimp or shrimp salad recipe”for 4 persons it is an American dish. The way of preparation: Grill this wonderful salad tastes great and is healthy. The ingredients of the salad is composed of: – 12 piece – large prawns or shrimp, which are cleaned, – 100 ml – prepared raspberry sauce for the salad, – 1000 ml – fresh spinach – 65 g – nuts, the Cores cut – 8 piece – ripe strawberries – 8 piece – green shoots of asparagus, which are cut into 5 cm chunks. The raspberry sauce for the salad – 50 ml – olive oil – 50 ml – – 8 piece – grated raspberry vinegar preparation: mix the shrimp or shrimp with sauce 50 ml for the salad, place everything in a closed vessel. It is then for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

The shrimp or shrimp are later dried and put on meat skewers. One grilling them about 4 minutes over the heated coals in a height of 15 cm. Remove the prawns or shrimp from the skewers and place them in a large bowl for salads. Add still the remaining ingredients of the salad, mix the whole thing. Recipe 2 – shrimp or shrimp with rice and vegetables”a dish with prawns or shrimp for 4 people this dish comes from the Mexican kitchen. It is a main dish. The way of preparation: Cook. Traditionally, a man prepared this dish. The ingredients – 150 g- -50 g – thread noodles – 2 TBSP – butter – 400 ml – water – spices for the rice – 400 g – tomato, sliced – 350 g – large prawns, the cleaned, chopped zucchini – 100 g – corn – 2 EL – are – 200 g – olives – 2 EL – chips – 2 EL – chives, the crushed is preparing – 1 box – hot sauce: the rice in the oil to saute the golden color, stirring often. Carefully add the water, then enter the spices and tomatoes. Bring everything to the boil. Place a lid on it, that reduce fire. So, letting it simmer for about 10 minutes. Then add the prawns or shrimp, Zucchini, corn, olives; continue on low heat 10 minutes cooking the whole thing. The rice should be soft. Place the dish in a large bowl. Sprinkle it with chips, cheese and onions. The finished shrimp are served with sharp sauce. Recipe 3 – prawns or shrimp with mayonnaise”ingredients: – 300 g – shrimp or shrimp – 2 piece – carrots – 1 piece – Salzgurke – 1/2 glass – green peas – 3 piece -. Potatoes – 1/2 socket – mayonnaise – salt – pepper – green preparation: Cook the prawns or shrimp in salted water for 5 minutes. Cut the potatoes and carrots into small cubes, adding salt cucumber and green peas. All carefully mix, salt, pepper and add mayonnaise. The salad clump, which above forking prawns or shrimps and pour mayonnaise. When serving, sprinkle with green.