You have to work constantly to improve their management skills, labor relations, marketing and production. This requires you to participate in specialized training provided that it arises the opportunity. This is essentially true if your managerial experience does not include employees or work of human resources management. Given the competitiveness of the workforce in general, it is imperative to create an environment for its employees that highlight fitness in relation to make easier the work routines. Managers are not trained properly or who need to Polish your skills will suffer to apply management techniques, that will slow down the work, complicate the problems and will lead to problems of morality. Fitness in the workplace between managers is one of the most often cited complaints that employees mentioned in multiple job interviews. Progressive thinking: The majority of the employees of today are much more liberal that twenty years as it relates to the workplace and how they see their work. The introduction of casual Friday has created a more different corporate culture that focuses on keeping employees happy and inspire them to do a good job.

Be given to accept reasonable suggestions of the employees will show them that you are trying to shape the workplace to make them more productive and comfortable that it is possible. So it will make them happier and more willing to work with you. Ability to combine visions: A good manager will be able to handle the daily work routines that perform work and broader strategies that make up the company’s corporate objectives. Being able to combine the two is very important to show your employees the reasons for their actions. You don’t have to explain every little detail, but if you keep your employees informed about their strategies, large, medium and small, will help them in terms of morale and productivity. You will also be surprised of good suggestions you may receive of employees once to understand the entire image and corporate objectives. Communication: Employees often complain about management decisions that, for them, have no sense.

There are often reasons for these decisions, per many fund managers are reluctant to share the logic with its employees under the false assumption that employees will not understand and which ultimately can lead to rumors and resentment. There are some things in the businesses that remain in the management, but many times the secrets only leads to betrayals, rumors and low morale. We’ve all seen the comic strip Dilbert, one of the all-time funniest comic strips. At the center of virtually every cartoon looks the old struggle between skilled workers and heads with pointy heads. This cartoon is very popular because many employees think the same as Dilbert and co-workers that your boss is an idiot who makes decisions at their whim. In the case of Dilbert, he is right, your boss is an idiot. In the majority of cases, bosses aren’t stupid but bad communicators. Taking the time to explain decisions goes hand in hand with keeping your employees happy and your work routines are fluid. Employees feel appreciated and work harder. As mentioned, these are not the unique skills and attributes that have a good Manager. They are the main features that help create the basis for a healthy management routine. If you, as a Manager, focuses on these, many of the problems of the work routine will no longer arise or disappear.