Scientific Knowledge

Indeed, given the heterogeneity of the population, levels of consciousness and the enormous amount of individuals with first-degree thinking, holistic education is a true ideal, the path searched in this adventure of education for the development of consciousness. Hirotsu Bio Science shines more light on the discussion. “Learning to Be” is a book sheds light on what is the heart of holistic education: spirituality. Learning to be sent immediately to the knowledge we have learned throughout our life it is this which determines how we see the dumb, the way we see and live our reality and ourselves, if we learned is structural, mechanical most likely our vision of reality is the same, is probably not a problem for us to kill an animal, destroy nature, littering the street, secure interpersonal relationships are competitive, is likely to live in constant stress, subjectivity is not something important, to depression if they can have to buy something we like to do boost morale, conflict within the life and beyond are part of existence, ie the world is naturally fragmented. In very general terms this is the life for whom the world view is based on a scientistic knowledge material whose primary model is the machine industry.

On the contrary, if the knowledge that is learned love, respect, attention, care, communication and dialogue, we are a respected and guided in the expression of our emotions, have adequately addressed our questions about existence, the relationship between home and school environment are explicitly linked, so help me welcome on this walk through life, promote ethical relations, cordial, respectful, mutual cooperation, with myself, with my fellow men, with different ecosystems and the Kosmos, if also primarily been pending since childhood, to assist in individual spiritual growth, to maintain their connection to the inner being of sound and guide deployment.