Schumann Resonance

This means that a 24 hour day, is now equivalent to 16 hours. The linear time I love and believe it or not, East is this accelerating.After the year 2000 so far, time flies. The day is not enough to do everything you want to do. We earlier expected that Christmas came. Christmas, birthdays and other milestones we are now, without even waiting for them.When occurs the dimensional change and this happens in all the planets in the Galaxy, altered magnetic fields of the Earth. Two thousand years ago began to weaken more and more magnetic fields.

Mental stability and memory lie in magnetic fields which is what sustains our memory and our sanity. It adds the information source indicated, as the magnetic fields of the Earth, they are weakening the life will become increasingly dangerous. Already started to occur and will continue happening more frequently, disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and other telluric calamities.On the planet all living beings will be affected because their mental patterns are altered and the way of thinking. People become increasingly aggressive and fearful. Birds that follow magnetic fields with their migrations were confused and increasingly will be more frequent whales encallen anywhere. In short it provides in this regard, looking with resonance Schumann is an explanation. The German physicist W.O. Schumann was found in 1952 that the Earth is surrounded by a powerful electromagnetic field which is formed between the floor and the bottom of the ionosphere which is located approximately 100 Km about us that field has a resonance (there which is called Schumann Resonance) more or less constant on the order of 7.83 beats per second.

Functions as a sort of well-identified, responsible for the balance of the biosphere, common forms of life condition. Verified also that all vertebrates and our brain the same frequency of 7.83 hertz estandotados. Empirically the observation was made that we can not be healthy outside deesta biological natural frequency.