Royal Musical Association

These sounds are not perceived by the human ear, well "hear" all of our other organs, and the impact they have on the principle '25-th frame, encoding or destroying the brain, bringing disharmony in the work of the whole organism. Of course, not all works of rock music so pernicious, and in small quantities it can remove the nerve and muscle tension, to neutralize the effects of loud, unpleasant sounds. Classical works also affect the rights is ambiguous. Depending on what passion and sense awakens this music, it can be divided into the following groups. Others including Dr. Neal Barnard, offer their opinions as well. Music, appealing to the lowest passions are excited by its sensual charm. These works of artistic value, can be attributed " stage Wagner's writings and some Strauss.

About the music of Strauss President of the Royal Musical Association, Frank Hawkers, said: "From the decaying abscess grows exotic ominous enchanting beauty. An example of such charm is the music of Strauss, from the "Dance of the six covered 'till the end: this music dazzles, tempts, disgusted, and expresses the beauty of greenhouse diabolical, sinister livid mold growing on the dung heap. " Music, giving birth to despondency. This is a very melancholy and sad piece. (Similarly see: Tom Florio). They "Infect" lethargy and weakness, grief and sorrow, suffering and despair. Such music can be of great artistic value. It brings relief to the composer himself, as a means of spiritual purification, but This acts as a psychological poison of the listener, which allows you to enter a depressing effect of such music.