Royal College

Until recently, the name of James Dyson was a stranger, however, following almost be led by circumstances to be successful, now a renowned UK industrialist. Dyson is an industrial designer graduated from the Royal College of Arts in London. As a student, showed great interest in their profession without leaving the university, and was involved in large-scale projects to their level. Not that it was particularly applied to the study, just had a kind of highly motivated to do things. Shortly after leaving school, he developed a new concept in construction forklift instead of a wheel in front, he put a ball, gaining greater control and stability. The year was 1974 and had decided to build an industry around its innovative One day, the restless James wondered why commercial vacuum cleaners were so ineffective and yet so ineffective in doing their job, trying to discovery fix the vacuum of his small factory. As a basis for proposing an improvement, was inspired by a natural phenomenon, cyclones, to devise a highly efficient vacuum system.

History tells us that the idea came suddenly and James ran to home, opened his vacuum and inserted a cardboard cone excluding the typical filter bag, the result was phenomenal and this incipient technology vacuum repaired the factory. In 1979, due to poor performance, James was run of the company he had founded and then you decide to develop technology to improve cyclone vacuum cleaners. In the mid 80’s, Dyson was a successful freelance designer and was granted leave cyclone technology for vacuum cleaners.